Boruto Singapore

I've heard and read so much about Boruto that I know I will regret if I don't try it. Hustled in the midst of CBD, one could still miss the place if you do not open your eyes wide enough. 

The humbled exterior exudes a cool, mysterious looking diner but once you enter, the warm and dimly lit interior will make one feel comfortable to sit there sipping ice water through the night (exactly what I did). Vaults of rare whiskies n sake lined the walls, be careful not to touch them as one can set you back as much as $3.7k. 

We sat upstairs where there are about 5 bar top tables and a groovy ambience. The night was young so we decided to start off with food. Certain selections from their menu cost $10 every Saturday. We were really lucky! Their food are served tapas style and artistically displayed. It was a difficult choice to make. But we managed to shortlist 5 dishes (aside from desserts) to start off. 

Potato Mentai Cheese ($9.80) which was essentially potato cut into spheres and filled with mentaiko cheese. This bite-sized snack will make you fall in love with it right away. The potato, including its skin will literally melt away in your mouth while the cheese filling oozes out gradually. It was a perfect combination of the three ingredients. This is like a potato skin with a twist, to the better. 

Next was the Crispy Rice Cracker Tacos ($12.80) which looks nothing like tacos but instead, more sushi-like. This creative artpiece was a tower with rice cracker at the base, meat shreds, tomato and chilli salsa and finally, guacamole for a Mexican twist. I personally didn't like this much as the shreds were too chewy for me. Nevertheless, it was a refreshing appetizer. 

Anyone would never expect a so-called Gyoza dish would turn out like below. Initially we thought it was a wrong order, but after recalling what we ordered, that seems like the Teba Gyoza ($15.80) which is indeed 대박 (for those who understands Korean!). The whiff of the fried chicken the moment it was served was so overwhelming that I couldn't help to eat it soon so my picture turned out a bit less picturesque than the rest. This says so much about this dish, right? Take a bite into the Har Cheong Gai-like wing and it will bring you into a wonderous world of minced meat, silver fish and wild vegetables. I like stuffed wings a lot,  and it is typically found in Thai cuisine. 

Fourth dish was the KuroButa Sio-bak ($10, UP $20.80) If you are up for some meaty adventure, this is for you. I personally enjoy pork belly, but, black pork belly? Not like it tastes much of a difference. I found this quite salty and the meat not tender enough. 

Last but not list is the Truffle Hiyashi Somen ($10, UP $15.80). Doesn't it look like the pasta from Saveur? But taste wise, this is so much more impressive. It was my first attempt with Somen but it does make me want to have more of it in future. This somen is tossed in confit egg yolk, shio konbu, truffle molecules and finally topped with Sakura ebi and fish roe. I thought it was a presentable yet delicious carb to have on their menu. So far, nothing has failed to impress here at Boruto. 

For desserts and drinks, we ordered two Hibiki at Happy hour price which is $16. Other than whiskies, they also have beers at promotional price of $5-$8. Together with our drinks, we had Chocolate Surprise ($12.80) which is highly recommended. The surprise is illustrated with the chocolate liquid center in the half cake and half soufflé dessert. Two mini scoops of vanilla ice cream and shaved peanuts completes this dessert. 

It is not the most filling meal but we were very satisfied. Thanks to the great chef creations that make the dishes here stand out. 

Boruto Singapore
80 South Bridge Road 
Golden Castle 


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