Damn internet

i actually uploaded a sushi tei's review last week but my internet connection just cut off like that and my post wasn't uploaded at all! waste all my time and effort!SO ANGRY,ANYWAY,NOW I'M TRYING TO DO IT AGAIN..
finally, exam is over and i get to go out and relax! 1st day out was with my aunt and grandma who took time off to accompany me to buy my grad nite's clothes and accessories..we went Vivocity, thinking it is a hugell, we shopping mall and hopefully i'll find something nice!yup..Before lunch, we're quite frustrated and not in a mood to shop as all the things we see don't seem to be suitable but amazingly, straight after lunch, we found a perfect white dress which match me just right!
We all agreed that lunch was the time when we're all in the happiest mood because we get to eat! i think eating makes one happy..
We ordered the sashimi salad with sushi tei's sauce as we thought that it was very worth it..it comes in a big plate with relatively huge pieces of sashimi like salmon,tuna and squid..We also ordered a hokkaido special which is a soft shell crab sushi with hot fish floss, it was quite tasty.
Then, we had the fried rice, AGAIN!we ordered this the other time too..this time we realised that the portion has srunken, hahaha.The seafood hotpot is alright though i find that the portion could be bigger and more vegetables and seafood should be included..
On the whole, our dining experience was fine as the ambience and service enhances it. Well, we all love the hot refillable tea!


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