Shida Night Market And GongGuan Night Market

They are just one MRT stop from one another. Only Gugu and 1 went to these 2 markets as mama was tired so we let her rest in the hotel. We went Gongguan first. There was nothing much, just a few food stalls, there were many fashion shops instead, nowonder there were so many youngsters shopping and munching there. So we decided to walk over to Shida. It was a long walk. We walked the wrong way at first but luckily asked for direction then carefully made our way to Shida. It's a really good work out, walking so much, hehe..We even asked a policeman!
But it was worth it lor, the food there was really quite a variety, 'tian bu la', 'che lun bing'(mee chiang kueh), 'Shui Jian Bao', Ice desserts...
We bought 6 che lun bings from an auntie..2 black sesame, 2 bacon and corn and 2 red beans..Not bad la, at least they were hot not cold! surprisingly got such flavours right? Wanted to eat a famous shui jian bao but there were so many people, gotta take queue somemore leh, so sad:(
But luckily, we walked past this Lin Yuan Dessert shop which we've read somewhere in a tourist guide book. So i pulled gugu in and shared a bowl of mixed ice..No more yam, so i had mixed, red beans, mung beans, oats and lotus seeds..quite nice mix too! And just right when we were feeling quite hot and stuffy especially with my jacket on.
On our way there, we bought 6 Mochi of different flavours from a very famous shop. Had walnut, brown sugar, red bean, sweet potato flavours, black glutinous rice. All were good, not too sweet and i like the filling!so we had some of it when we go home!I mean hotel, hehe..luckily mama never scream at us,haha..


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