Who says foodcourt's food can't be delicious?

Marina Square's Food Loft is there to cater to all your palates. Whether it's Japanese food, Korean food, Indian food, Local delights, the foodcourt has all to satisfy your hunger.
We went there last saturday at around 4.30pm which is about tea time. Wanted to go there to have a cup of coffee and share a roll of popiah but ended up eating our dinner there because their food is simply too tempting.
Upon stepping foot into the foodcourt, we caught sight of a girl happily placing her plate of korean set on a table. It was a Saba fish set which includes a bowl of rice, a mini plate of kimchi and ikan bilis with a huge grilled saba fish on hotpot. Who can resist the fish? It was really long and fat, almost twice the size of what most foodcourts sell. I was amazed with the generous portion of the fish indeed.So we bought a set to share. The fish was setted upon a bed of greens and onions which quickly got burnt due to the hotpot. yummy..the fish does not have a fishy taste and very chewy and fresh too. Gugu dared not eat too much and gave an excuse that she wanted to try somethng else, and then wondered off with her wallet. As we've almost finished eating, gugu still had not returned so i went to look for her. And guess where i found her? At the Korean food stall! And she was going to order the saba fish set again! me and mama still thought the fish was too fishy and gugu doesn't like it but she actually love it TOO MUCH!
SO in the end, we had to finish the fish for her, the 2nd one was even larger than the first. What is so amazing about the fish is that it wasn't too salty, and the base was very crunchy and cooked just right. Plus the chilli sauce, hmm..heaven!
We are definitely going there for the fish again!
I also bought a bowl of sweet potato soup in ginger soup for myself. The soup was too sweet which was not my liking but overall it was very hot and comforting food lor..


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