EVer Tried Kushin Bo?

hola readers! i'm going to introduce a new, trendy eatery which is both value-for-money and delicious! and that is....KUSHINBO!located at 3rd level -Sky Garden of Suntec City!

We reached Suntec City at about 11.00pm , thought we were way too early to go to the restaurant as we booked 11.30pm which was exactly the time it opens for business. Hence, we decided to take our time to walk and shop around first. But once we reached Kushinbo at 11.25pm, there was already a super long queue of people waiting to enter! So ridiculously crowded!haha..wonder how long has these people been waiting hor?

But it wasn't long before we were ushered to our seats which is at a corner,Luckily! Immediately, we zoomed off to grab food! Everyone else too were already queuing to grab the freshest bite! I took a seafood kaminabe for a start as i saw many people taking it too and i believe that Singaporeans have excellent taste. Gugu took a big plate of assorted sushi and also a plate of tempura(prawns, mixed vegetables, prawn..) and we shared the food. The dip for the tempura was dispensed from a boiler and remarkably hot with lots of radish(self-serve).

Following these, we also tried the seafood fried rice that was average, the katsu curry with rice which was too salty and the couch(snail?) and many more..

Sushi was okay but the variety was great. The fruit maki was special indeed with kiwi and mango which made it very appetising and sweet. A seafood tempura maki which i tried was very uniquely good too. With the outer crust of colourful flour, the sushi was very presentable and beautiful.

The teppanyaki of salmon, chicken and cream dory which had to order with the table clips was not bad, but nothing special as i don't think they marinated with any special sauce,so wasn't very tasty.

Hmm..i had the sweet peas too, there was plenty mah..after all, it's buffet!

The dessert station was very widespread. There were sesame mochi with redbean( very very good! the skin wasn't thick and neither too hard nor chewy, while the redbean was not very sweet. Plus the outer coat of black sesame, how can one resist it right?), peanut mochi( peanut was not very fantastic but okay lah..:P), banana eclair( special right? i quite like it as the inside was banana ice cream if i'm not wrong), brownie, konnyaku(fruit jelly), tartlets, chocolate fountain, matcha and vanilla soft ice cream and more! A lot ,really.. That's why i love it ba..hehe..

I really love the food lor... plus the drinks were free flow. Whether you like tea, coffee,soft drinks, you get all you like! We drank plenty too.

Bill came up to $93(about). COnsider cheap for a Japanese buffet and guess that's why attracted so many people. There is a one hour promotion going on and quite many people go for that but not worth it ba. Only slightly cheaper also. Oh, senior citizens has got 10& of but got to be 55 years old and above okay?take note!


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