Taipei Day 1

i will be going to taiwan today!(24th nov 2007)I was so excited! it was my first time there and it will be with mama and gugu! We were super kiasu , you know, our flight was at 12.30 noon and we left home at 7.30am! We waited for taxi for quite a while but finally managed to get one. The trip to Changi Airport cost us S$22!
Upon reaching, we checked-in our luggages so that we need not have to lug them around the airport. We had 3 luggages! If i'm not wrong,they're about 50 kg altogether!scary hor? then we found a place to massage our feet and snack on some bread first. After that we ate Wang Jiao's nasi lemak and laksa. Pretty good lor, the laksa was hot but not the nasi lemak..hehe..then we walked around and took some photos. The DFS store at the departure hall had a Baileys promotion lor..a drink which me and gugu loves! The huge bottles (mint and caramel-new flavours) comes with a shaker, 2 more mini Baileys and a CD. A very good deal right? We hesitated to buy as the bottles are just too heavy to bring to Taiwan and we may not be able to finish lor.
At the departure hall, we saw many students from VJC, NJC, RJC, TJC, HCJC. Surprisingly, they're taking the same plane as us. I wondered why are they all dressed in their respective school uniforms travelling to Taipei?
On board, we were served drinks. i had a soya bean milk followed by tea while gugu and mama had red wine. i wanted to try the singapore sling but was told that they are unable to serve me alcoholic drink as i'm underaged.haha The stewardess gave us each a pack of mixed nuts to snack on with our drinks!
Lunch was served around 2.30pm and we're all starving! According to the menu given to us, there were supposed to have 2 sets of lunch to choose from but when the stewardess reached us, the western set of spaghetti was not available and we were forced to have the chinese set instead. It includes rice with chicken curry, fried pumpkin with egg, an appetizer of prawns and vermicelli, roll and butter, a pineapple cake, a drink and a magnum ice cream! Not too bad actually, but of course we hoped to have a mixture to sample and share among us ma..spent my time on the plane watching Ratatouille and playing some silly games provided by the inflight entertainment..GuGu wasn't feeling too well after lunch and vomited twice before we touched down at taiwan taoyuan international airport..i was very worried as she looked pale and i was worried that our holiday will not be fun anymore! We waited for about an hour to claim our seemed that many people had to wait for a long time for their luggages too!
Luckily, gugu told us that she was feeling slightly better after vomiting and we walked around the airport to find the express bus to taipei main station (FEI GO BUS). The trip was a long one (about an hour!) and i took a short nap. Upon reaching, gugu went to but the train tickets for our trip to HUALIAN a few days later. I had forgotten to apply for the youth pass at the aiport which we initially planned to but luckily we managed to apply for one at the train station counter. After rushing around so much, we had to take a taxi to bring us to our hotel at Ximending (Rainbow hotel).
We checked-in the hotel with minimal effort and we went up to our room on the 3rd floor to put our luggages. Feeling starved, gugu suggested that we walk aroung XMD to look for food instead of travelling to Huahsi night market which we initially planned in our itinerary.
Saturday at XMD was a busy place indeed! there were so many youngsters who are fashionably dressed! as we were not familiar with the place, me and mama just followed gugu around aimlessly, checking out the places and finding a good place to eat..Bought our Easycards at 7-11 so that we can travel around by MRT from tomorrow onwards. Got a student card for myself! i bought a cup of bittergourd juice with honey to drink as i was thirsty and it was delicious!
We had wanted to eat at Mei Guan Yuan which was well known to serve cheap and nice Japanese food but it closed at 8.30pm and we were too late..Ya Rou Bian which is a popular store which sells duck with noodles was crowded and gugu said that if we still can't find anything else to eat, we'll eat at Ya Rou Bian. We came across Xiong Yi Teppanyaki and steamboat restaurant by chance and found that it closed at 3am so it was just right for us to have our late dinner there. it was a semi-buffet style meal where we can order the main meal from the menu as well as to help ourselves with the buffet table which serves mainly salads, desserts and drinks. It cost NT$399 (about S$20) per pax.
however it was very crowded but we managed to get a table after waiting for 10 minutes. The waitresses were very friendly and introduced to us the ordering process at the restaurant and also recommended to us what to eat etc..we first ordered some teppanyaki dishes such as honeyed chicken drumlets, muahchi, cheese balls, unagi etc..

i helped myself at the salad buffet bar while waiting for the hotpot and teppanyaki food to be cooked. There were 3 ice cream stations, namely movenpick, haagan daaz and meiji! almost all the ice cream flavours u can name can be found there! i had about 10 scoops of different flavours, it was so fun! Fruits include watermelon and another melon which are all very sweet! There were many spices which you can take such as garlic, chilli, vinegar etc and you can mix and match to make your very own sauce! hot pot was normal but they had a lot of meats which we did not exactly fancied. Some of the teppanyaki must tries are the muahchi and unagi. it was the 1st time we had bbq muahchi done for ourselves. the waitresses and waiters advised us on how to bbq the muachi the correct way. when it was uncooked, it was very hard..partly due to the freezing..but after heating it for some time, it started to soften and when you dipped it in the special sauce or the peanut powder which they provided, it was so delicious and i simply loved it! the unagi was also very tasty after we bbq'g it!
After a very filling meal, we went back to the hotel. we did a little bit of unpacking and then bathed before we went to sleep..We got 8 more days ahead of us lor and we were looking forward to it!


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