shihlin night market( taipei)

Shihlin is one of the must go places to go when you're in taipei or else it will be a waste lor. Yes, of course we went! And we even went twice! To finish eating whatever is good there..which is like everything!haha. We did lots of research before going neh..and we follow as closely as possible to which stalls is worth a try.
1st Must Try- Da Bing Bao Xiao Bing
Do you know what this is? It simply is a popiah skin wrapping over a deep fried flour fritter and then sprinkled with your choice of flavoured-powder such as sesame, peanut and even savoury ones like meat. Sounds nice? Of course! it's very tasty and crunchy! I bet you've never eaten before and will woo and aah at your first bite.4 for NT$100
2nd Must Try- XXL chicken chop
You will see a long queue in front of this stall, so you will not miss it. The chicken chop is quite extraordinary big, bigger than s'pore's definitely. But they dun cut up for you, they just put the whole piece into a paper bag for you after asking if you want hot powder sprinkled on it. There's still bones attached to the chicken chop so you know that they use fresh chicken! The skin is very crispy but quite oily. The chicken however, is very tender and chewy.NT$50
3rd Must Try-Coffin Sandwich
Sounds Weird?Scary? No worries! This is just a square sandwich being deep fried. There are many different kinds of filling for you to choose from. Such as tuna corn, salad chicken etc..We tried the mix and tuna one..I love it alot! it's the first time i've tried a fried sandwich that taste so nice!NT$45-50
Others i shall not elaborate so much ok? Well, there are the oyster omellete, aiyu jelly drink and cantonese congee. They are all not bad and can try. You will find many stalls selling oyster omellete but you just have to test your instinct on which stall is best okay?and personally i think that singapore's oyster omellete is better!
Opposite shihlin, there's a shopping area where there are stalls selling food too! We bought ' ZHuang Yuan Gao' , dragon beard's candy, Cow's tongue and ' Shuang Bao Tai'(butterfly) home for supper!
Happy Venturing!


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