Mother'sDay Celeb

how did you celebrte your Mother's Day?
well, mine was nothing special, just a dinner at Mong Hing Restaurant, again?yup,that's right,again..if i'm not wrong i've just told you guys about my dinner on Chinese New Year right?
But this time round we had a few different dishes and they are my favourites!
Firstly,there was the steamed 'chang yu'.it was quite small though but it was enough for a table of 6 or 5..then there was the crystal dumpling,both sweet and salty ones.the salty one is filled with turnip and shrimp i think,and the sweet ones with red bean tau sa,my favourite! yes,Next up is the siew mai, one for everyone,haha..not very amazing as i find the meat too tough and uappetizing.
Other than these 3 dishes on the 'New' list, we had the usual veges and goose meat etc..
well..on the whole i guess this place is just worth the money to come back whenever you are craving for teochew dishes!


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