Qing Ming Jie

A day with much huzzle and buzzle
Rows of vehicles parked (sometimes)illegally along roadsides
Lugging fruits, golden money, kuehs and favourite foods of their ancestors
Despite and scotching sun and drizzling , everyone was sincerely praying

The temple at Sengkang was already packed by the time we reached there. without much further ado, we went to display our items in front of the ancestors and then prayed for good health, studies etc..
After the buzying around, we had our much awaited vegetarian meal for free at a corner of the temple. It was tough to find seats as the place was packed with hungry people. we had some soya milk which was thick with flavour and soothing to our stomach indeed. Dad found a seat and we hurried to queue for our food. I had the porridge first because it looks so hot and tasty. I was right, there were taukua, yam, peanuts and mushrooms in the oily but delicious porridge. Then, i rushed to take the curry vegetables and fried beehoon the moment they arrived piping hot and fresh. The beehoon was not blend at all, in fact, it will suit even the carnivorous eaters. The curry vegetables was the champion, filled with turnip, cabbage and string beans, they were very popular among the eaters. Another favourit i guess woul be their freshly fried taukua and spring rolls which were grabbed fast. Some of the dishes i don't favour are fried rice and fried noodles which i only had a couple of mouthfuls because they were too greasy, disgusting in fact. However, their dessert is rather acceptable, it was one of my favourites, Green Bean Soup! The beans were soft enough, the soup not too sweet but sadly, not hot enough..finished off with somemore hot soya milk..


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