hi everyone! It has been a long while since i've last blog due to my extreeeemeeeely busy school work, with all the examinations and all cramming my schedule. But i also want to relax a bit by BLOGGING!i will be using perfect English in order to make this 'essay' a productive one, so i hope this will gain some acknowlegements from readers, okay?Do comment on my content and my language use!

I love to blog about what i've eaten. Just that my time permits me to do this often, but it will still remain my hobby to eat-snap-blog!hehe:P

hmm..where should i start. why don't i just tell you about my latest dining experience which was a very memorable one.To celebrate for my grandmother's birthday, my aunt has generously generously brought the 3 of us for a lavish dinner at Peony Jade Restaurant at Clark Quay. I bet some of you would have heard of this restaurant although there is not much publicising(do not have the need to in fact..)It is situated on the second floor so some people may not have noticed. This is the second time we are there which proves that it is definitely a worth-trying place,right?
We were there pretty early but there were already 2 tables present. The waitresses were very friendly and sat us down promptly and comfortably. We were quickly presented with their large menu. Gugu checked out their corkage fee because we planned to drink wine(we brought our own).It cost $30! So we decided to buy their wine(Sandalford Element) instead as it will be more worth it.
Thereafter i scanned through the menu to decide what to order. It was a decision making process as i seemed to want to try everything but still have to make up my mind.
First up was a specialty which the restaurant had gotten 1st Prize, New Dish Creation, Singapore Food Festival 2005!Prawns in Bean Curd Phyllo with Fresh Fruits!It was beautifully presented in large glass plate. It looks like an art piece, i hardly bear to eat it!There are small cubes of tomatoes and cucumber, grapes, crisy cuttlefish, a large prawn ,sweet taupok drizzled with a unique prawn paste. Sounds very amazing right?We had one each and we all loved it.
2nd- Seabass steamed with Angel Lava Cod & Wolfberry
This is a unique twist to normal steamed fish right?You might be wondering what is the Angel Lava Cod just like me before we ate it.It is actually a kind of melon but the restauant give it a prettier name i guess? The fish was very soft and chewy altogether, with the added crunch of the angel lava cod, not bad at all.
3rd-Crispy Roast Chicken with Hot Sesame Sauce

This may sound normal but the sauce was really top grade! The chicken skin was crispy and not too oily while the peanuty sesame sauce was so aromatic that we can't resist gulping all up. Not being a 'chicken-lover', i still enjoyed it a lot.

4Th-Stir-Fried Three Treasures Vegetables
We must have a vegetable dish whenever we eat to cover up for all the junk food we are eating ,right? So we just ordered this ordinary dish. The waiter specifically ask what 3 kinds of vegetables i wanted so we ended up with asparagus, kailan and brocolli. I bet you they are not bland and very tasty indeed.
5Th-Fried Longevity Noodles with Shredded Meat

Since it was to celebrate my Granny's birthday, we decided to order a noodle and ended up with this since we seldom eat longevity noodles. This was rather tasteless and the noodles were all tangled.There were shredded mushrooms and chicken and the noodles were the right constituency so it was still not that bad. But for food lover like us, we would prefer food with a bit more kick to it! We ate the noodles with lots of chilli padi and vinegar to suit our taste.

6th-Deep-Fried Fluffy Egg-White Puff filled with Red Bean Paste

To top it all up, we ordered this fluffy egg white with red bean paste,not exactly my preferred choice because we had that during our last visit and i hope to try something new since they have a rather wide range of dessert choices. But looking at the longing look on my aunt's face who seemed to crave for it a lot, i decided to go along with it and ordered that for our dessert. It was prepared upon order so we had to wait for some time but it was worth it because we are assured of being served fresh food.Yes, it was very fresh and piping hot. though they doesn't look nice- a bit sulky-looking,hehe..However they taste nice, i had 2 large ones.Honestly i would prefer them with more red bean and not such a thick layer of egg whites and also maybe drip off the oil a bit more before serving? (am i being too picky)

That marks the end of our dinner! We are so bloated after that, can hardly walk because too full and also my insobriety. We enjoyed a stroll outside and took some photos at the same time.

I guess it was worth going right? we had a great time eating there, the service and food quality were all commendable but do note that the price is a bit steep!


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