Teochew CIty Restaurant @ Centrepoint

Sounds familiar? Yes, this popular chinese restaurant has been around for quite some time as far as i know. However, this is only my first visit. Gugu went there with her colleagues when she used to work in Singtel at Killiney Road. Andshe claims that the food there were deliciously good and dared me to give it a try no matter what. By the time we were there which is around 11.30am, a few tables were already occupied and a table had even finished their meal already. I deduced that it opens at 11am.
The decorations and ambience were nothing fantastic as they were typical of a chinese restaurant. A quick browse at the dim sum menu made my heartbeat faster. I was indeed fascinated and enticed by their dimsum spread. Though not many but a few were quite unique such as the deep friedyam with almond flakes. It was not a disappointment at all! I love it totally! The yam ball was covered with almond flakes all over and fried til golden brown and cripsy. Yummy..i had a total of 2 out of 3! Ate mama's outer almond crust too..Inside was filled with soft yam and bits of dried shrimps and mushrooms. I simply could not resist the crunchy almond flakes.
Other dimsums we ordered were carrot cake, crystal dumpling with pea shoots and their famous shark's fin soup in dumpling. The carrot cake was remarkable too, the ingredients were robust and you can even find shreds of carrot! The soup was pretty impressive too, though the dumpling was a bit extra as it immediately breaks open when my spoon went through it. However, the ingredients such as mushrooms, shark's fin, prawn and dried scallop were a lot for $6.50. We ordered a fried olive rice with beans too. It was very fragrant and the beans added a crunchiness to the rice which i totally love it! especially when you add some chilli padi and vinegar, oomph, uncontrollable!
We were pretty full by the time we had finished but i still craved for desserts.So, since the yam paste was a specialty, i decided to heed their recommendation and ordered two to share. The pumpkin was very sweet despite having no syrup on the yam paste. The gingko nut had a tad of sweetness to complement the yam paste too. The yam was very soft but solid which means that we could taste the yam just right. The GONg Fu tea served in mini cups served to cleanse our intestine was very thick but we loved it. So gugu asked the waitress for more and she gave it to us! So nice.. I think that their service was pretty outstanding as the tea was refilled soon after we finished and one particular waitress were especially caring to out needs. This made the entire meal even more pleasing.
Total cost? $80 after gst and tax. Kind of expensive for lunch but we did eat quite a lot.
4/5 stars


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