Soo Lonng..

Gosh, its been so long since i last posted right? u guys must be missing me so much am i right? hmm..i ate so much nice food recently that i don't know where to begin about fantastic food, why is it always BUFFET that comes into my mind? i wonder...
So much buffet makes me fat! Nah.. actually i can still put on la, so it's fine, but isn't it too much? welll.. guess i'm just a typical singaporean lor..i really am bloated now..

i went Peony-Jade Restaurant 2x already..and ate the ala-carte buffet, lunch once and dinner once. Food is the same, service is good, ambience perfect. haha.. Can try, worth the money. $28++ for lunch and $38++ for dinner. There are 6 dishes which we can only eat once namely Shark's fins soup, Crab fried with salted egg yolk and potato, deep fried scallop , BBQ pork ribs, steamed cod fish and Beijing Duck wrapped in crepe. Like i say, quality food. Eating all this is worth it already, plus all the rest( unlimited servings) such as more fish, poultry, vegetables, soups, desserts.. enough to fill you definitely unless you brought along many other stomachs with you!

Have you people heard of Rickshaw Cafe? It's located at the lobby of Royal Hotel. Quite small but antique. There is one table that is within a Rickshaw, so cute right? When we booked, we purposely told them that we want that table. Yes!! and we sat there happily for almost 4hrs enjoying their food. For $15, you get to eat th usual hi tea food like chocolate fondue, laksa, meesiam, kueh pie tee, prawn mee, rojak, sushi , dim sum, fried foods, nonya kuehs and fruits.. yes, that's a lot for what we're paying, and if you are a big eater, it's even more worth it than eating at hawker centre right? And mind you, the buffet starts at 12pm and ends at 4.30pm. Perfect for gossip girls..

Went Kushin-Bo again with my mum, ate a lot as usual, i think the tempura and desserts are the best. There are fried shredded yam with meat fillings( very unique), sweet potato and yam fritters, teppanyaki, mochi, curry chicken, fried rice, salmon , sushi, sashimi...tooo much to name, seriously i should stop. Variety is a lot. Oh, sadly for soups lovers. Avoid their soup because it's too salty, but if you don't mind getting your blood clot, up to you!=P

That's about it. More to come. If you want delightful, tantalising photos, you will have to keep checking !haha...


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