Gosh, i haven't blog for soooo extremely looong! Too busy once school starts. It seems like only yesterday that i was in CGS and now i've spent almost 2 months in my dream Junior College aka ACJC!
I simply can't define how happy i've been so far in AC. The people there are really very nice to me. I have so many friends! I feel wanted now,haha.Last time used to dread school but no so now! Today was the last day orientation 02 to welcome the 2nd intake students. Did not play a lot of dirty games this time. And today we were quite lucky cuz we won all the games which we played! Yippee!
Anyway, of those who were originally in my OG,a few did not make it back to AC and a few got in through appeal. Lucky and Unlucky them,hahaha.
We danced a lot today! Especially we girls are super enthusiastic today,don't know why. I finally got the hang of both the mass dances!
We went my OGL's condo for OG outing.haha..ate canadian pizza..Sucks really bad..hohoho..
Campfire begins at the basketball court, as we were watching a photo video, it suddenly rained and we had to move to shelter. Sian.. went hall for the campfire in the end,haha.
Played some games like simon says and sang songs, dance and cheers!! Last part marathon dancing, super fun! we ran around like mad, but i fell once=(
hmm..get to dance with some of my classmates and og mates..much better than the previous campfire when i was stoning most of the time.haha..ended quite late so went mama's house,and i'm here now blogging!
Good night!


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