Get A T@stE of TheIr F00d=)

Man Fu Yuan is no simple Chinese restaurant, it is reputable for their lunch dimsum. However, the rest if their menu never fails to satisfy its customers. I applaud its superb range of authentic and delicate Cantonese cuisine.
We've been there once and the reason for returning means that their food are really a catch. I think that the price is rather reasonable, given that it is located within a five star hotel( ie Intercontinental Hotel) I remembered trying their per portion fish dishes which were quite unique. But this time round we ended up ordering the big portioned ones to share as there are quite a number of dishes which tempted us. Let me introduce the dishes one by one...

Claypot Braised perched fillet with brinjal and whole garlic- One of the favourites of mama gugu and i! This dish is best eaten with rice, as the sauce is really tasty and the brinjal was very soft while the garlic doesn't taste a bit 'garlicky'. The cubes of fillet were very soft and almost melt-in-your-mouth. There were also beancurds which were quite delicious too.

Mixed vegetables with mushrooms in Yam Ring- whenever i go, the dish i'd look out for is this. Yam ring is a must for me. Same for gugu, we just love how well yam works so well with savoury dishes( of course we love the sweet versions too!). Once the dish arrived on the table, i knew at once that it was gonna be the heavenly! Indeed, i was right. Once the yam ring was cut, you see a thick fat layer of smooth and creamy yam surrounded by a light crust, Shiok! And when you put a spoonful into your mouth, it completely melts in you mouth and give out its nuanced flavour. In addition was the many crunchy cashew nuts, fried beehoon, cubed vegetables and mushrooms...The whole dish was perfect, and we slurped up every bit of it. I couldn't help fantasizing about it even after the meal.

Bi Feng Tang crispy chicken- a creative dish... the crispy roasted chicken was served covered with bits of deeply fried garlic which tasted sweet and saltish at the same time. Though a tad heaty, we couldn't stop scooping up the bits which were so aromatic. The chicken was rather huge and we almost could not finish. The skin was almost no fat and the chicken was well-cooked till soft and not tough at all, even the breast meat tasted like from the thigh or wings.

Vermicilli with seafood- As it was a post celebration birthday dinner for gugu, we ordered a noodle dish to signify longevity. It was a dry dish just like fried beehoon and very fragrant. Topped with egg slices , prawn and scallop bits and bean sprouts, we enjoyed the flavourful and wholesome dish even though we were already too full..

Since gugu had UOB card which has a good deal during the birthday of the cardholder. Hence, we got a free cake! It was a chocolate mousse cake, i think, topped with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and surrounded with chocolate slices. It looked antising at first sight. We got the help of the waitress to cut up the cake to split among the 3 of us. So we each got a fair share of it. Slowly, we savour every forkful of it with tea( soumei) till we almost cry out for help because we were just to bloated to eat anymore, we finished our individual slice though...

Overall, i think that we had chosen a right place for the dinner. The ambience was perfect but the table of Japanese diners behind us was simply to noisy that it almost trigger our nerves. Other than that, i think that the service was pretty prompt and friendly despite of our many unending requests for this and that, they remained smiley although one or two weren't that happy from their faces. At least, we were happy and satiated after the filling meal.

After that, we went to Aroma( their bakery) to check out their cakes as we suspected that our birthday cakes was from there but couldn't find so we exited the hotel into Bugis Junction. Then, we spotted the signage stating that cakes and pastries would be sold at 50% off after 9.30pm and it was still a while before the offer starts. So we agreed that after a short browse at Adidas, we'd pop by to see what's good to buy. SUrprisingly, when we went in again, the counter was already filled with eager customers who were discussing what to buy. Usually the place was cold as ice but now...hence, we had to queue behind a couple of people before our turn, a few cakes were left and breads too, so we bought a muesli bread, fruit tart, orange muesli muffin and a raspberry tart. Everything were so beautifully embellished but we dare not buy too much in case we can't finish. Guess how much was that in all? $11! Remarkable right? A real Great Grab of the day ! What a find...haha..


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