Malaysian Food Street aka MFS

After working at RWS for almost 2 months, i have only dined in Resorts once so far and that is all thanks to N who has kindly invited me for a stayover with her family at Hard Rock Hotel. 

Dinner was at MFS as we thought it is one of the more affordable places around and we have not tried it before. Ordered a couple of dishes to share amongst the 6 of us ( including one baby boy ). Each dish cost between $5-$10 and the portions are not as big as the picture seems to depict. However, i would say that for the ambience and taste, it is perfectly fine to pay for such a price once in a while.

I ordered the KL Hokkien Mee as i have always loved that  dish ever since i went KL and had it long ago. Been missing it so much and trying to find out where in SG i can have it. It was quite tasty but i would have enjoyed it should the portion be slightly bigger and with more lards added on top of it. 

Surprisingly, i fell in love with the Prawn Mee which was a tad spicy and the soup was very sweet and delicious! It was the last dish we shared, or else 1 bowl is definitely not enough!

We also had a bowl of Chendol! I love how penang chendol has the chunky red beans ( or is it kidney beans), as long as they are beans i will die to eat it. The gula melaka and condensed milk was appropriately mixed so that the dessert is not too sweet. That's why we always say, leave room for desserts. :)

KL Hokkien mee is not to be missed!

Penang fried kuay teow with lots of lap cheong and prawns!

Claypot rice which we were told 30mins waiting time ( 10mins when i went to buy LOL )

Last but not least my favorite amongst all- PRAWN MEE!!


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