Brunch @ Hummerstons

So many brunch places are emerging all over Singapore now. For those who love Cafe Hopping, you'll find yourself having an endless list of places to go..

C and I are planning our pig out sessions really well and have just gone for our 2nd brunch trip-HUMMERSTONS! Heard so much about it, but I kinda forgot which is their specialty so I ordered The Hummerstons Breakfast. Do all food with the restaurant's name in it signifies that it's their specialty? I was eager to figure that out!

Our food came pretty fast partly because we were the first table there which ordered food. My Hummerstons. Breakfast($24) was quite big a portion and C's Eggs Sardou($24) looks really appetizing! The mushroom and spinach cream sauce base makes me drool. We shared our eggs coz I ordered scrambled and C had poached eggs on artichokes. The first taste of the artichoke we had no idea what it was, the taste between potato and onion but I finally concluded it was artichoke after I almost finished them.

The scrambled eggs was nice! It was crumbly and not too creamy for my liking. ( you can still taste the egg yolks! ) I like the jumbo sausage while the bacon was not fatty, it was quite salty. The set will have been better of more bread or greens go together with the meats.

We left with a happy, satisfied tummy. Or is it coz of the brown sugar cubes we gobbled from our table.

The ambience is good to relax with friends and family on a weekend. Strongly recommended if you're on a non budgeted brunch outing with your girlfriends or if you're willing to splurge for the food porn! <333 br="br">
Look forward for the next one....

Eggs Sardou. Don't ask me why that name...
My Hummerstons Big Breakfast. A lil of everything...


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