Menya Musashi

The first time I walked past this pretty new restaurant at Ion Orchard was a few months back and I loved it. That's the way food should be served, additional portions of carbo for FREE! But vice versa for lesser portions. I believe in this way, it can boost the revenue of the restaurant for it is able to cater to both small, average, big eaters!

They have one dish ( choose from 2 types of meat) which I was able to have triple, x4 or x5 of the original portion at no cost. I wanted x4 but they stopped me, and luckily the greedy me was obedient enough to heed the advice.

We can choose from 3 different types of soup, white ( which I suppose is the normal soup base, red which I think is spicy, black which is like dark soy sauce). The dipping of dry ramen in the soup is called tsukkeman and I really enjoy it!

They have many sides from us to choose from and gyoza is surprisingly good!

The price is average and do expect a long queue at this new concept ramen chain. There's a new outlet at Star Vista too although I must say that the seating area there is much more packed than in Ion.

The normal white soup they call it...
My friend's curry ramen
Their gyoza is highly recommended if you feel the urge for sides.
Sometimes i will take the tsukeman and you know why :x
My Pork Rib ramen in black sauce!


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