Jimoto-Ya (Singapore)

Sometimes, i wished there isn't so many new restaurants sprouting around our tiny island everyday (pocket is bleeding), but at times, i am exhilarated especially when something like Jimoto-Ya is in town!

Thanks to one of Jimoto-Ya's sake supplier who strongly recommended the place, that i had to try it right away. And in a week, there goes 2 meals at Jimoto-Ya.

I was there on a weekday afternoon and a weekend night respectively. Both experience were unique on its own yet similar in the right points. 

From top: Ebi Shoyu Ramen Set (19 SGD), Curry Rice Set (19 SGD), Ebi Shio Ramen Set (19 SGD)
Lunch and dinner menu are the same at the moment with ramen and rice sets taking the limelight. For lunch, i shared the above 3 sets with my 2 girlfriends who were as delighted as me to eat them the second the food was served. The smell of amaebi boiled for hours alleviating from the soup made it even more irresistible. The choices were decided with the help of the boss, Sean, who patiently went through their specialties with the newbies in his restaurant. 

Oozy onsen egg yolk for the curry rice
My favourite goes to the Ebi Shoyu Ramen, which is cooked in amaebi (japanese word for sweet shrimp), pork bone and finally soy sauce seasoning cooked to boil with plenty of chunky cabbage that adds to the sweetness. Everything here is served hot, and when i say hot, please don't expect lukewarm. To master and maintain the temperature of the ramen, Sean specially chose the ramen bowls with the ability to keep the warmth till the end. The Shio version was delicious too but personally, my tastebuds have been spoiled from the growing up with strong flavours. Both brothes were so addictive, i couldn't leave a drop behind. Especially with the abundance of cabbage and minced meat in every mouth... damn, i could eat this everyday.

I am picky when it comes to curry. Finding one with the right level of spice and consistency is not easy, i'm glad Jimoto-Ya made it. Mix in the onsen egg and the curry gravy with the rice before eating. It is messy but this is how you enjoy the dish.

Renton-Age: Appetiter of battered lotus root
I must have looked so hungry as i slurped down the ramen that he ordered a dish for himself for us - deep-fried lotus root. Seasoned and coated with a thin layer of batter before frying, this will get one addicted easily. A dash of lemon for a healthier spin?

Ebi Miso Ramen Set (19 SGD)
Jimoto-Ya is open on Saturdays as well! How pleasant isn't it? I was craving for more Ebi Ramen yesterday when it was just pouring and pouring the whole day so i had to make a second visit in a week. This time, for their Miso Ramen which is also highly recommended. Once again, it surprised me. Every bowl is made with such intense amaebi flavour and the springy noodles were easy on the palate without bloating you. Minced ginger was given at lunch but i noted right away that it wasn't served yesterday so i requested. They had removed it because many customers turned it down :( what a pity! It makes a lil difference but it's a good twist.

Another appetiser that is perfect with drinks like beer or sake
Ordered an asahi black and was given the above Shishamo look-alike on the house. Realised it isn't on the menu yet so i don't know the exact name for it. Maybe it will be included soon enough coz it'll be a waste not to sell this delicacy.

What are you waiting for? :')

p.s. Jimoto-Ya is right where Sarawak noodles used to be, opposite Wang Dae Bak BBQ restaurant.

3 Pickering Street
#01-44/45 Nanking Row
Singapore 048660


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