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I don't think anyone of us would need help with a night out on a Friday in Singapore. There's plenty of places to go and just so much to eat and drink. 

Me being a workaholic hasn't been going around much. Hence, today was a rare occasion when I actually stepped out of office and have my fill of TGIF! 

First stop: Creation Cafe at Shaw Tower

Not too far away from the famous Ah Loy Thai and Tom's Palette, this cafe serves really affordable and mouthwatering dishes. Imagine your typical spaghetti in sauces such as Java Curry and Laksa cream of even Thai Curry. Do they not have sounded delicious already? They simply play around the ingredients with the type of sauces so you get like a whole list of pasta choices. Complete your meal with 3 bucks for a soup and a drink or 6 bucks for soup, drink and dessert choice of apple crumble and brownie (served with a scoop of ice cream) 

Just so you know, there are four choices of pasta type for you to choose from too! 
I fell in love with the super creamy base. Every bite of the pasta is filled with abundance of the savory curry that opens your horizon to a world of fusion. I am no kidding. 

The desserts come in decent portion. The brownie was dense and moist loaded with crunchy walnuts while the apple crumble was a little too soft and mushy for my liking. Still prefers crunchy top for crumbles. 

A nice and cosy place for meal with friends. Be warned that they only sit you down when the attendance is 100%.

Second Stop: Maison Ikkoku (the art of mixology)

A creative name can never be wrong. We learnt that with a price. 

There was no indoor seats even though we very preferred that. We had to settle with the al fresco seat but luckily it was night time and we were on the second floor, not so humid. But the cosy table for six full grown adults were no joke. Perspiring from the walk there already, we just felt more and more that we need some indoor atmosphere to enhance the mood. 

The waiters had an interesting sense of humor which I guess is part of the game to draw the crowd. We were told to tell them the taste of the drink which we wanted and they would customized a surprise cocktail/mocktail that fits our description. Amazed, we thought that was the concept of Bar Stories at another street within Haji Lane.

Nevertheless, the drinks came just fine to whet our appetite after a pretty heavy meal. 

My kiwi and yuzu concoction. Though the rest is mystery... Well, frankly it is a fun place to chill over uniquely flavoured drinks which you've never tasted before. So I would think people are willing to pay 30 bucks per creation. If only we had stayed longer in the air con....

Third Stop: Witbier Cafe 

We wanted to have beer. Good beer to wash down all the sorrows at work. So we ended up at the bar next door along Kandahar Street. Looking pretty ups for their beers and settled for it without hesitation. 

One jug of craft beers cost $32 which is decently priced. We had two jugs. Wanted the Wunderbell Hell or something which they are still brewing (hehe) so it was still unavailable. 

So we got two other beers but I have no idea what the name is already. But I know they're German. We wanted to order bar bites because they have a list of menu on one of their pillars including things like cheesy and truffle fries. Who can resist!!! 
Kitchen is closed at 10.30pm and we were just a tad late. 

Anyway, maybe we'd be back some day earlier and hungry....

Final Stop: Swee Choon Tim Sum restaurant 

We were really famished from the walking and drinking. Old already so our activities only comprises of eating and drinking. So fattening! 

But there we were at the bar, craving for everything from a Korean BBQ buffet to ramen to dim sum. And we decided that we are too old and slow for a buffet at 12midnight!

We took a 15min stroll in the dark night to Farrer Park for our supper. 

The wait was not long... Probably the crowd hasn't gone yet.

A feast to treat the hungry working adults. That was not all! What came after was the Prawn Paste Chicken and Fried Pork Chop. I found the quality of the food slightly substandard each time I am there. The price remains the same yet some dishes can be less well done than usual such as the Mee Sua Kueh. It used to be softer in the inside and crispy on the outside. But the one I had yesterday, was quite a gap from the supposed taste of it. 

Generally, supper here is good. There is a good variety of tzechar dishes such as their famous hor fun, to main dishes like the prawn paste chicken and pork floss with egg plant etc.. Suitable for big groups who have fussy eaters! 

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