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Whether you are in for some awesome Eggs Ben or just a cuppa coffee and cakes, W39 is one place you have to try for sure. It is not at a very convenient location but surely not hard to find as well. Several buses goes there but if you ask me, frankly taking bus 78 from Clementi Station and alight after 3 stops is not that tough.

J and i alighted one stop early and had to take the AYE route towards Jalan Mas Puteh. Luckily the sun was almost setting and not too humid to take a stroll the the cafe. We reached slightly late but they still greeted us warmly and seated us at our table with this little note (below) :) Such a simple yet sweet gesture.

My Pikachu Cafe Mocha ($5)
Menu is pretty straight forward with some salads, tapas and sides for the appetizers, main courses and followed by drinks. J and i got ourself a Baked Caeser Salad to start and ordered the Spatchcock which is said to take 30 minutes to serve, which was just nice as we awaited for C's arrival. For drinks, i had a Cafe Mocha because they claimed that they're able to make coffee art while J had the Passionfruit soda. I felt so special when they really drew a Pikachu on my coffee!!! It was the effort that counts of course because i doubt they had ever done one so tough, even though it did look like tiger if i had not asked for Pika. They use a tab to take orders here as well, really high tech despite the cosy cafe setting.


Baked Caeser Salad ($10.5)
The Baked Caeser Salad totally threw me offguard. I knew they were going to bake the cheese atop the salads but i surely did not expect a poached egg and the salad to taste so.. heavenly if i may use it. I felt like i was in the clouds when i had my first mouth of some greens, the pork sausage (which tasted so much like a lap chiong), shrimps, melted cheese and the fresh croutons. It was a great dish to kick start our meal. The combination of ingredients are rather unique, unlike the usual caeser salad for sure. The only downside would be that the chorizo is a little salty for my liking and especially with cheese so perhaps a different kind of protein that is slightly less salty will do it (like salmon?)

Roasted Spatchcock ($24.5)
I have no idea why the roasted chicken dish is named Spatchcock but most importantly is how it turned out. The mini chicken was roasted to perfection and laid upon a bed of roasted potatos, carrots and pumpkin before topping it all with mushroom gravy and a tinge of truffle oil. Nowadays, i can get so excited seeing truffle in the menu. Starting to love having it in my food despite finding the taste quite weird for me initially. The chicken has almost no fats left beneath the skin and the meat was tender and juicy. We wiped the gravy off the plate so can you imagine how much we enjoy it (or maybe how hungry we were)?
Mister Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream ($8.8)
I thought the Mister Chocolate Cake was really moist and sufficient pool of chocolate was drizzled over the cake. But what makes it even more special was the moustache toothpick which they kindly placed on my sliced cake because naughty me wants a cute picture of my cake. Served with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream, you have got to try this.


The drinks are average though. Their range for non-alcoholic drinks are much smaller than the alcoholic ones. I wonder if diners here are mostly alcoholic? Perhaps if anyone is there for drinks, please share with me if they have good alcohol. Maybe the Cafe Mocha could do better with more chocolate as it was slightly bitter. The soda was not bad actually, even though i am not a fan of gasey drinks.

Crispy Chicken Winglets

We ordered the winglets as suggested by this cute waiter who diligently tries his best to accedes to all my lame requests and questions alike. But he did warn us that it might be a little salty and i totally got why he said that when we had our first bite. It actually resembles the cantonese dish Ha Chiong Gai. So i reckon this place likes to incorporate some chinese recipe in their western cuisine. The winglets are fried and dipped with the Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce.

Did i earlier mentioned the chorizo tasted like the taiwanese sausage (dried 'lap chiong')? Unique though i must claim because i would never have think of putting my lap chiong in salads :)

Sorry for the disruption...

Red Velvet Cake ($6.5)
We also got a Red Velvet Cake to make double desserts! It is not bad but does not give as much punch as did the Mister Chocolate Cake. The cake was on the drier side whilst there was not much cream cheese taste on it. Perhaps they should have a molten lava cake..#justsaying.

Check out this humble cafe for an affordable meal and to catch up with friends over good food without feeling pressured. The staffs there are honestly very friendly and helpful. I do want to go back there soon for their brunch! They even sell breads for takeaway!

W39 Bistro & Bakery 
39 Jalan Mas Puteh, off West Coast Road
Contact No: 9646 5372
Opening hours: 9am to 10pm daily (closes at 10.30pm on Fri and Sats)


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