Gourmet Local Cuisine @ Island Cafe

If you are a frequent shopper at Tangs Orchard, you would have walked past the humble looking cafe at the far end of Level 4 @ Tangs Plaza. Its prime location often leaves tired shoppers without a choice but to rest their limbs and tuck into some local favourites.

Upon entering the cafe, i was greeted by warm and friendly waiters who immediately ushered us to our preferred table. As all the window seats were taken, we could only choose the second best. Water here is free so it surely made up for the slightly steep prices offered at Island Cafe. As it was our first visit, our roaming eyes helped us to make a decision what seems to be popular amongst diners. We also seeked the advice from the waitress who took our orders.


Tauhu Telor is a must-eat here. Although i must admit paying three times of any malay stall's Tauhu Telor can be quite foolish, but after taking your first bite, you will want to understand why i am strongly encouraging you to try this. Unlike the usual which is one huge piece of tofu being fried, theirs is made up of smooth and silky tofu deep fried to perfection with egg. Sprinkled over with sliced carrots and cucumbers then drizzled generously with their special sweet and spicy sauce to complete this close to perfection appetizer. The only downside i can think is the spiciness which i feel can do a bit more to add some kick.
The Tauhu Telo that makes me wanna have more... ($12)
Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee is meant to be an all-time favourite amongst the regulars, which i suppose also make up the main bulk of their customers, so we had to get it. Indeed, it was very flavourful as the noodles was infused with sweet prawn broth making it really lip-smacking. Fried hokkien mee should be slightly wet and Island Cafe achieved it just nice without being overly done. Th large prawn was a little not fresh, other than that the rest of the seafood were fresh. I like the fried sambal chilli given on the side and which the waitress topped up without us having to request. What's better than dining without frills.

Fried Hokkien Mee with Big Prawn ($20)


We also had the Indonesian Fried Rice because the description looks pretty delicious. Just as the saying goes 'Looks can be deceiving', it is indeed true. The wok-fried rice with indonesian spices was not fragrant enough whilst the sides are quite average. Since this main course did not give me a lasting impression as much as the previous two, i would not recommend this unless you have a craving for fried rice. The sides are something you can get at home so i thought it can be further improved. The curry chicken however, is very tender and the gravy has slight resemblance to rendang which is thicker and tastier as well.
Indonesian Fried Rice ($16)
We ordered two coconuts hoping they are at least decent but the flesh inside was so hard to scrape. The water though, is refreshing and sweet.

I heard the dessert is good and i know i will go back there for other food! The western dishes look worth a try and the bak kut teh gives a pretty promising review so look out for more from ME!

Prices are reasonable for the ambience and service and GOOD FOOD. Sadly they do not take reservations but i can see why...

Island Cafe
Level 4, Tangs Plaza
Opening hours: Till 9.30pm (Mon - Thurs)


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