Good Year Seafood Village

Tzechar stalls are everywhere but are they really value for money? Dinner with family on weekends can be such a headache. For those who drives, a trip to Good Year Seafood Village is definitely worthwhile.

We discovered this place a few weeks ago when I chanced upon a Google search 'bak kut teh in the East'. If that's also something you're wondering about, you're reading the right post..

Located nearby some temples, this place isn't somewhere you would want to go if you're intending to take public transport. Its at the industrial area so you can imagine somewhere like Changi Business Park. No life species on a weekend for sure.

They have indoor and outdoor seating but I strongly recommend you to take the outdoor seats. Its surely more comfortable and peaceful than indoors except for the air con which isn't very strong anyway.

Let's move on to the food I know you can't wait.


Ever tried assorted tempura fried mushrooms with greens at a tze char restaurant? It was recommended by one of the waitress so we decided to give it a shot. Delicious as the description sounds, it was surprisingly very appetizing. Cooked in oyster sauce, the mushrooms were succulent while the greens were fresh and well done. A great creation and i would definitely have it again when i return.
3 type mushroom vegetable dish

Nothing beats a plate of prawn paste chicken. It is a must to order. The first time we were there it was sold out. Avenues about 8-9 big pieces per plate. Even the smallest piece is about the size of the largest piece at a normal neighborhood tzechar stall. The flour coated around each wing is so deep fried you can hardly see any fats beneath it. Its a very sinful dish but Good Year's prawn paste chicken really beats many I've tried my whole life.

Prawn Paste Chicken
The cabbage chicken comes in a clay pot.its a whole chicken with almost a whole cabbage and generous amount of gou qi zi. Its broiled in soup and taste very sweet and healthy! We slurped up every bit of the soup. Although you can easily cook this at home, it feels good to eat something so homely outside as well. For 16 bucks, it's totally a thumbs up.
Whole Chicken in cabbage soup claypot
The salted egg yolk silver fish was surprisingly good as well. Never had I eaten silver fish deep fried and stirred with egg yolk. It's very crispy and light. But surely a good one if you're having your meal with a jug of beer next to you. I'd go for that when I'm eating with you guys next time friends.
White bait or silver fish wadeva.. still goood
We had the hotplate beancurd again. An all time favourites and something I would crave for since young. Unlike the usual round tofu beancurd used, Good Year's hotplate beancurd uses fresh tofu and deep fried before cooking over meat sauce and egg on the hotplate. Once served, you can savour the sizzling beancurd at it's best. Sweet peas and mushrooms goes so well with the beancurd.
Sizzling hotplate beancurd


I thought of trying Assam fish head because it's the chef's recommendation. A bit disappointed because the fish was not fresh and the portion was rather pathetic. But I must compliment the assam sauce. It's thick and goes well with rice but I found it not sour enough. Could do well with more tomatoes :)
Yea i know you can't see the fish. But it's there in the middle.
The claypot mixed organs was like bak kut teh just that it has my favourite intestines and liver inside. The soup is loaded with herbs and pepper. Nothing too special about it besides the fact that its in a claypot so as to maintain the warmth.
the bak kut teh in claypot. 
Do order the aiyu jelly with lime, it is very refreshing especially when you're perspiring from all the hot food you're downing.
Refreshing drinks to complement your meal :)
Preferred to make a reservation if you're there with a big group else be sure to reach there before 7pm to avoid any disruption to your dinner plans!

We spent a total of 70 bucks for 4 of us. Its cheap for dinner and we easily ate sufficient for 6 actually. The restaurant operates with iPads, it must be a really profitable business to make such a big investment. No doubt a smart move as it reduces staff headcount while increasing efficiency. (Applying business concepts :D )

Good Year Seafood Village
15 Tampines Avenue
Contact no: 96425800


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