Life is Beautiful

Life is full of ups and downs. You'd need to know when to eat good food and when to have simple meals just sufficient to fill your tummies. 

Life is Beautiful is hidden at a corner within duxton hill. Far cry from the usual loud pubs and al fresco seats outside of restaurants. This humble and cool looking restaurant somehow provides a welcoming feel for diners of all walks of life. Serving American cuisine, the place is filled with working class every evening. We heard there's DJ from Wednesday through Saturday after 10.30pm when the kitchen is closed. I can imagine the place being all high and hot to celebrate the weekends!!! Note that reservations online (CHOPE) can only be done for 6-8 pax and any other numbers, you may choose to book through phone. 

Patrons here seems to be regulars knowing what to order upon settling down.. However, as we were new to the place, we asked the waitress for recommendations and they were kind enough to share their specialties to us. The racks of ribs look super awesome as I was peeping at a table of three big guys next to us. 

We ordered the Southern style butter milk fried chicken ($38), gator and fennel bourdin ($28), smoked tomato salad with blackened corn and radish ($21). 


The fried chicken came in 4 pieces which adds up to about 3/4 of a whole chicken. Deep fried to perfection and sprinkled with some parsley and to top it off, a unique Asian chilli sauce that will spice up your mouth in no time. A scrumptious dish to go with beer and a must order for all diners.
Gator and Fennel Bourdin with cauliflower puree 

The gator meat dish was a delight and what surprised me most was the creamy cauliflower purée which tasted exactly like mash. The gator meat was moulded into patties and served atop the purée. Every bite of it is filled with robust of flavours. I enjoyed it a lot been though the portion was small.

Cocktails here are priced at $18 each. I had two, one Ramos Gin Fizz and a Life is Beautiful. They're both quite pleasant so I havenothing much to complain about. Though slightly sweet, they're also light and thus suitable for ladies who are there for just drinks or with food.


$21 smoked tomato salad with blackened corn and radisb

Similarly, a choice has to be made just like any other.. I reckon the salad was a little disappointing. Especially when it was the first dish we had, there could be more corn and radish add into it. I know generally eating vegetables has no difference to eating meat but in terms of fairness to customers (we aren't stupid), generous portion will not hurt.  Anyone would have felt the same as I did if you see the greens placed in front of you.

I would surely recommend this place for after work chilling and dining with friends. Although prices are on the steep side, the unique food is surely worth a try. The next time I go, however stuffed or few people there are, I'm having the ribs. Ambience here is surely commendable. There are red sofa seats for those who just wants to chill and watch the DJ spins to the modern American music. 

Life is Beautiful 
99 Duxton Road
Contact No: 64230939


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