Marina South Curry House

If you can recall, Marina South used to have a famous curry stall within the coffee shop near the bowling alley and arcade. I went there when i was a kid, somewhere around the age of 7-8? Easily 15 years ago.. But i can still remember the strong flavours and spices which made me perspire profusely whenever i have it.  Feel like having a taste of this curry again? Marina South Curry House can assure a similar standard but of course at a premium price for the location, ambience and service.

Used to be called Nana Curry House, they have recently done a re-branding as there are too many Nana brands around which i have to agree. I would think all the Nanas come under the Mr Nana's company if nobody explained to me. And so, the intelligent business partners decided to re-name it to Marina South Curry House with an effort to bring out the same or even better flavours which the old Marina South Curry provided/ 

Located on the 3rd floor of 100am Shopping Mall, for those who has yet to been or seen the relatively new settlement, it is beside Amara Hotel. Right next to it is a Japanese Ramen restaurant which draws a good crowd especially at lunch. Competition is intensive here. However, what captures my attention was the interior design of the curry house which gives a nonya feel. The wooden tables and chairs as well as the background music deserves some effort points. 

Set meals are available at affordable prices, averaging from $8 to $12, you can get a portion of rice, an individual curry/main, watermelon and a drink. Lunch crowd are mainly drawn to their sets. As we were there for a farewell lunch, we ordered a couple of dishes meant for sharing. 


Salted Egg Chicken Wing 

Salted Egg Chicken Wing ($10.90)
Said to be a specialty dish of the restaurant. It is surprisingly quite a small portion, served in a basket comprising of miniature wings and drumlets, But i believe if the food is good, there is no need for too much. The chicken parts are fried to golden brown and then coated with salted egg yolk and some curry leaves. I love how the egg yolk is infused into the chicken, making it really delectable. A lip-smacking dish good for sharing. 

Red Curry Fish Head

Red Curry Fish Head ($26.90)
If you love authentic curries, this is one you should not miss especially if you are there in a group. Only meant for sharing, but if you can finish one fish head on your own (which is actually not surprising feat), go for this. The spices used are really generous, resulting in a tasty and thick curry gravy with lots of mixed vegetables to complement the fish head. I must say the gravy was enough to throw you off your chair. The fish is fresh but not a lot of flesh. Good for 1-2 pax. 

Stir fried Kai Lan

*no picture as it was attacked too soon*

Amidst all the sambals and curries, you may need something less intense. The stir fried kai lan is fry moderately with garlic slices to retain its crunch and freshness of the vegetable. I prefer it not overly cooked until the leaves and stalk turns soft as it loses its nutrients most of the time to the gravy. Not too salty so it is a perfect dish to go along with all the strong flavours. 


Sambal Sotong

Sambal Sotong ($12.90)
Thought it is a chef recommended dish so we ordered. The portion is pathetic but that is not why i gave it a lower score. The sambal was not what i have expected. It tasted more like curry sotong in my opinion. I could tell a lot of passion and skills are put into the dish, just lacking some punch when i ate it. The sotong could have been less thinly sliced. There are many other sotong dishes, perhaps you could give it a try too!

Yellow Curry Chicken

Yellow Curry Chicken ($14.90 to share)
Does the colour also determines the level of spiciness here? I was actually questioning myself because the yellow curry is too watery making the potatoes and chicken bland. It tasted like the chicken and potatoes were steamed and the gravy was then poured over it before putting it to boil. The curry was also much less spicy than the fish head curry. 

Other types of curry dishes are also available including assam and green curry. They have one of the widest range of curries i have ever seen in a restaurant. Unlike the Japanese curry houses like Coco, Marina South serves authentic asian curries with spices commonly found in Malaysian and our local curries. To make it more interesting, they have drinks like Gula Melaka Chendol, Buah Long Long which we did not try. We had their barley and sour plum calamansi which weren't sweet at all! Sugar syrup is given to you on the side to add, how healthy can it get!

Staffs here are mostly friendly and service is prompt.We were asked if we would like some props when we asked them to help us take a photo. They actually requested for good reviews so i said i would write that in my blog and immediately i was given a PRESS KIT! I would say this is a little achievement since i started food blogging. I'm glad to do this write up for Marina South Curry House which i have already intended to so.. why not?
My Free Press Kit!
Promoting for Marina South Curry House (it's actually because we wanted to have fun)

Total bill came up to $101 and given 2 $10 vouchers with a minimum of $50 spent per voucher, which was affordable for 5 pax i would say. We were very full and satisfied from the meal. Nothing beats having some smacking good local delicacies sometimes despite our craving for Japanese, Korean and what nots...

#03-14, 100AM, Amara Shopping Centre
Contact Number: 6694 8108
Opening Hours: Mon- Sun, 1130am - 10pm


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