Craving for some tze char but sick of the usual sweet and sour pork, prawn paste chicken, fried kangkong?

Here's where you can try something different. Uniquely Sum Kee's dishes are what draws customers back again and again. My first visit to this chinese restaurant left an impression, good one indeed. Located at Yeo's Building, you might just miss it if you don't catch the big signboard along the main road. However, many regulars either drive or stay nearby so going to the restaurant is not too much a hassle. Parking is free and fits up to 50 cars.

The restaurant is surrounded by greenery and fresh seafood in tanks. I am not sure if they are reared or for the food,  either or, it creates an atmosphere of dining in a garden. Eating tzichar with beer? A hip place for a chinese restaurant, where having chinese tea would seem more appropriate. But not at Sum Kee, have your Carlsberg with their super addictive chicken dishes (further elaborated below).


Ultraman Chicken 

Names of the dishes here gets me excited. I was attracted by the Ultraman Chicken when i saw it on some articles and instagram. One of the best seller, this deep fried chicken chunks coated with savoury egg yolk. is a must to order when eating here. Every piece was lip smacking. Chicken is tender and i really like the fact that they maintain the crisp despite having tossed and turned in salted egg yolk.
(pic very blur i know) The Ultraman Chicken ($12)

Chicken Bikini

Fried chicken skin for one of your tze char dishes sounds too cool to be true. But it is such a heavenly dish especially as a accompaniment for the beer.  According to Ms Sum, it is not as unhealthy as it sounds since the underlying fats beneath the skin has thoroughly been cleaned before they are fried to perfection. It might remind you of fish skin you have at Jap restaurants but this chicken version is smoother in texture and more shiok (i have decided this will be the best way to describe the dish). To help you make an informed decision whether to order this or not, we actually had a second plate after we has alreaady finished our meal.
Chicken Bikini Skin ($8)

Wallet Chicken

This might so sound like a beggar chicken but it has totally no resemblance to that. The only similarity i can think of is a Korean Sangyetang which is no doubt much healthier than this...
Wallet Chicken ($38)

Saw right through the chicken skin with a knife and you will be amazed how nicely assembled all the ingredients inside can get. There is roasted chestnuts, mushrooms and lapcheong (taiwan sausage) in the midst of the perfectly cooked glutinous rice. It was not too soft or sticky, neither was it too dry or hard. A bit of meat was left to retain the shape however the drums and wings still had their bones attached. A bit over priced but i thought it was so worth it!

Fish head curry 

This might look normal but NO, it is definitely much better than many fish head curries at coffee shops/tze chars out there. The gravy is thick and flavoursome. Lots of vegetables and taupok are added to bring out the sweetness in the curry and of course the fish head used was not at all fishy and has plenty of flesh for a party of 3 and above to tuck into. 
Fish head curry ($25)

Four Seasons Beans (aka Chai Po Long Beans)

Usually four seasons beans are fried with dried shrimps and garlic, but Sum Kee's version stands out by having the beans fried with Chai Po (preserved turnip). This vegetable dish might sound simple but it is very tasty indeed. I like it because the beans turn out crunchy yet full of flavour. The beans used are really green and fresh. Some kids might just start to eat this even if they hated greens.
Chai poh French Beans ($10)

Coffee Pork Ribs

De-boned and ready to be stuffed into your mouth for a full-bodied experience. I would have thought it was a coffee pork slices if i did not order it. There were not many pieces in the small portion. But honestly, good food you do not need a lot else it will lower the marginal utility. Sesame seeds were then sprinkled over the coffee ribs. I like how tender the pork were, please give this a try!
Coffee Pork Ribs ($10)

Deer meat

I fell in love with deer meat some time back when i had my first try. And so V loves his deer meet too so we ordered. It was served with onions, spring onions and ginger on hot plate with black soya sauce. Overall, i must say the thinly sliced deer meat was cooked right through such that it is very tender but the taste could be improved with more dark soya sauce or some dried chilli added.

Deer Meat ($18)

Colourfulpalates:'Doesn't suit my tastebuds but might suit yours!

Sum Lor Hor Fun

Being a typical hor fun lover, i always prefer a simple dish of sliced fish hor fun for a complete meal. The hor fun is not bad but was nothing extraordinary. There was quite a bit of beansprouts atop the thick and smooth sliced fish. However, i thought if some salted fish was added, it would be even more appetising.
Sum Lor Hor Fun ($6)

Hotplate Beancurd

The last dish to appear but surely was not the best. There was not enough egg on the base and it was not cooked long enough before serving making the egg all runny on the hotplate. They use the normal tofu cubes rather than the egg tofu. Don't expect a lot of ingredients for the hotplate if you are thinking of ordering. Taste wise i have no issue, could be better! :)
Hotplate Tofu ($12)

We find the service crew here can get a little impatient even when the crowd has yet to come in..But they became friendlier along the way through the meal. Reservations can only be made for 5 and above else you have to be there very early to avoid disappointment.  Prices here is pretty affordable. For a meal with beer and nice ambience, why not? (All the above dishes were eaten over two occasions so I guess the individual prices would be sufficient for your knowledge!)
Mandatory shot with lady boss Mdm Sum ^^

I am surely coming back for more! With more people as well!!!

Sum Kee Food
No 2 Telok Blangah St 31
Yeo's building
Tel: 6737 3233/ 63338556
Opening hours: 1130 to 1430; 1730 to 2300


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