eve of the x'mas

was still planning for today's activities..tot today is x'mas and tmr x'mas eve,haha..wad a mistake..
uncle called and say wanted to come and visit us, then we realise that some shopping centres will still open today,so we all go vivocity together. Guess it's the first place that comes into people's mind nowadays before even realising it..
the first instinct when i reach there is to rackey the food outlets,that's my favourite sport i think, shopping with many food related places to seeeeeeee..love to eat but often got bad demons circling in my mind telling me" those are the worst food for you, they will make you fat"haha..maybe not so much ever since i got lecturings from dad..aunt and i booked a place at Carnovore for their buffet lunch tomorrow oredi, ain;t we kiasu?but aren;t all singaporeans the same?heehee..nvm..
after that we decied to try out HK Kim Gary Restaurant at L2.it was very crowded and worse after our turn.Luckily we reach there earlier than them,hee..:p
we had 7 pax, so gotta get another table to join. we had b'fast oredi so only ordered some to share..which turns out to be quite a filling meal in the end..first to come was the rice with egg and shredded chicken with the cream soup, and our drinks which are almond milk(mine!), Yin Yang, and ice blended milo( my cousin's),plus a think toast with jam and thick layer of buttery peanut..i have to cut the toast myself as the waitress say they don;t provide cutting service like Toastbox..but i quite like it cuz it was sweet! my almond milk was quite pleasan with a tinge of perfume smell..
then comes the main courses and other snacks..Grandma's hot and spicy noodles with chicken wing was served in a super huge bowl, i like the, a bit like mala soup..then 2 fried chicken wings and fries, "one-mini bite" fish cutlet..lastly the baked rice with chicken chop served in bamboo tray and my baked cheese spaghetti with twin sauce(beef sauce and corn cream sauce)..the spaghetti was quite a lot but i slurped them all up, scary right?oh, i had some ice blended milo 2..we ordered another one lor..the kids like, kinds sweet but worth a teeny bit..
after eating, we went giant hypermart to buy stuffs for our steamboat dinner just now, i ate like a glutton i guess..one thing i want to mention about giant is that they actually have ready steamed sweet potatos and yam ya noe..i love them and can eat them everyday, sadly the sweet potatoes were not ready when i was there so had yam only!so full after that..
Our steamboat was a success!our soup so sweet and tasty, put vege and prawns etc..usual stuffs, what a nice comfortable meal on a windy day hor?


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