Paragon shopping

Mum and i spent 1/2 a day at Paragon, at first we thought they may not have things for us to shop but in the end we still walked for so long. The first priority of us being there was actually to eat. We racky the basement and mum decided upon Din Tai Fung, since its the more affordable one amongst all the other food outlets namely Spaggheddies, Shimbashi Soba, Crystal Jade Palace etc. There were long queues at Din Tai Fung but we need not wait for very long since their service was fast. We ordered our food beforehand while waiting to be seated so that we do not have to wait very long after sitting down. The minute we settled at a small corner of the restaurant, our tea and most importantly the ginger arrived on our table. I then spotted the advertisement of new dishes and immediately added the red dates with glutinous rice appetiser. I thought the range of new dishes are only available at Raffles City Shopping Centre. It was a warm appetiser and tasted sweet and surprisely very delicious. The vegetable and pork wanton with dan dan noodles was another of my favourite, the noodles was chewy yet soft and the dumpling skin was thin, so that we can eat the thick filling with contentment:)
The dou miao was sold out so we changed to spinach with garlic, weird thing, this dish came last, but it was fried till just right, not too difficult to chew and is tasted really good.
Of course, you cannot leave Din Tai Fung without eating their famous xiao long bao right?
After window shopping abit, oh, we also bought a number of things from Muji, some tidbits actually, for me, whatever i buy will be food, lover mah..then we headed for tea at Project Shop Cafe on level 3, i ordered a banana mango crumble with vanilla ice cream and a digestive tea. The crumble was steaming hot, there were hige pieces of banana in it, but i cannot figure out which is mango,haha.. anyway, eat it with the vanilla ice cream and they are a lovely match. The digestive tea was a mixture of ginger, lemongrass and some others, we refilled it twice! Because it was pretty thick.


Anonymous said…
wow! u r a lucky gal hor? always eating good food..enjoy life to the fullest right? All the best to you in the new year 2007! Cheers!
f00d-gastr0 said…
hee..yes, i love eating and love to try new dishes. i wil eat anything i haven tried before, so you can call me adventurous. i love buffets and desserts most! have a great year ahead too!

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