Imperial Treasure

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday and we decided to eat something good but it’s up to her what she wants to eat after all. I suggested many places for her as I am the foodie info provider of the family, haha.. We decided that Takashimaya would be a good place to go since we couldn’t decide where to eat yet. But at the sight of the jam outside taka’s carpark, my dad drove us to Great World City where I know there is a Imperial Treasure Restaurant( featured in Mind Your Body yesterday).

Tada! And we settled into the dimly lit restaurant. Most tables were already occupied and we got a pretty good seat nevertheless. Our menus arrived but dad didn’t want to eat those recommended in the newspaper but wanted something hot. Hence, we ordered 3 dishes in claypot and 2 bowls of seafood soup in winter melon. I’m sorry that in the haste to eat, I forgot all about the photos! Sorry..

Back to the food, soup wasn’t hot enough, it would be tastier if they are steaming hot. The ingredients were not selfish, the soup was loaded with scallops, mushrooms and crabmeat. Dad let me have the whole bowl by myself! And I was quite full by the time I slurped it up but never neglect all the food that came next. The mixed vegetables with vermicelli in claypot was very delicious and hot which I love it. The chicken and yam in claypot was a bit of a letdown as the sauce has milky taste which I predicted milk was added. Although, the pieces of yam and chicken were moderately soft and soothing to the mouth. Last but not least, we had the fried soon hock with beancurd in claypot which was the winner of the claypot dishes I suppose. Huge pieces of meaty fish and the beancurd made me yearn for more even after emptying it in the end.

Nomatter how filling I am, I will never be too full to eat desserts which is to me a must to end a meal. I ordered my favourite glutinous riceball with peanut and sesame. The skin was chewy but not too thick and the warm black sesame sauce was not too sweet as well. After having 2 of those, I crave for more and asked for the menu again. But this time decided to try something different and ordered the walnut cream instead. I especially requested that I want it hot in case I am served the same temperature as the soup again.
This dish did not disappoint me either, I could smell the aromatic waft of the walnut cream the moment it was place in front of me and surely, I can see steam. Hmm, how yummy it was, the colour was mahagony brown which means it is darker from the usual kind you eat at hawker centres. It was not very sweet but very tasty, I bet the walnuts are roasted for a long time before grinding.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the food and service so…hmm..8/10!


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