Rain rain go away...

has been raining the whole day, and i have been munching non-stop..Cooly days make you hungry very easily, so i eat and eat to keep myself warm. Steam rice cake to share with mama, i don't know why i like them so much, maybe cuz they are soft? can fill your stomach easily too!
Just had a sumptuous lunch cooked by the house chef MAMA! i always woof down her food and i think no one can beat her creativeness and swiftness in cooking. Even for the chilli, she insist on stone-beating them, it is very hard work you know. I try helping her since i'm here lor, tonite she is gonna cook a soup which i haven't tried before, it is with a kind of beans, red coloured shell. i helped her to peel this morning le.. I also request her to cook a dessert of green bean, mu-er, red dates, barley, sweet potatoes and bai guo( sorry, forgot the english name). Must be very delicious, can't wait to eat..yummy..Luckily i'm too full now,hehe..


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