tiring day out

i went out for so long today, goodness, and the time passes so fast, we seem to have not enough shopping before its the best time to get home..
New Year's Eve and the crowd is all swarming towards Marina there now..We took an mrt to Raffles City Shooping Centre and immediatly rushed to have my much awaited lunch Out Of The Pan..It was pretty crowded at that time and we initially was askd to wait but it wasn't a long one. We did not sit close to the fountain, which is sad:( Anyways, Mum and i ordered 2 crepes to share, i realise many people also order one crepe each and exchanged with one another to sample different flavours. There was so many to choose from and i was totally in dilemma of what to choose leh. In the end, we ordered a claypot beancurd in wheat crepe and a seafood mayo in sun-dried tomatoes crepe.

The seafood one is the winner, maybe because of the very tasty citrus sauce and chilli mayo, plus the prawns were crunchy,hmm,yummy..Just the thought of it makes me drool again. The claypot beancurd has a tinge of asian twist to it, maybe the sauce was just a bit less strong? we must try the waffles the next time, so many people eat, i was so tempted..
i went to check out the new Donut Factory, but WOW so many people queuing and i know it's going to be a long wait,haiz, so we decided that we'll come back before we go home. But you know what? it was all sold by 8pm!can you believe how hot selling the donuts were? I saw the advertisement in Urban, that's why i wanted to try, but still did not manage to!
We went shopping at Marina Square, only bought a top at Newbie, can't seem to find clothes suitable for me, don't know why. We stopped by at Azabusabo for tea. Had a Baked sweet potato parfait. It is sweet potato chips, baked sweet potatoes, dumplingsweet red bean paste, some huge red beans,( or is it kidney beans?), and 2 scoops of ice cream, which were green tea and black sesame, my favourite flavours..it was fantastic, all my favourite ingredients, yup..then, we continued our shopping spree! We had a pretty light dinner, oh, should say intended to, but guess it doesn't look like after all,haha..We ordered tofu avocado salad and salmon sashimi meant for 1 person to share, one salmon hot stone rice as we were craving for something really hot. The waiter stired the rice in a sauce right in front of us on the table, we can see it was SIZZLING. The salmon sashimi salad comes with apple sauce which is both sweet and sour. The tofu avocado one is with wasabi dressing which was not that bad either. The rice has toasted sesame seeds which made it so aromatic, we even 'srubbed up' the bottom burnt rice, crunchy and the best part of the rice..wooh..We feel like ordering somemore so deciding between the matcha imo or mixed tempure, but chose the tempura. I was too hurried to eat and did not take the beautiful art down:( but nevermind, let me describe. It was deepfred and served to us immediately, the prawn battered one was so crunchy and juicy, and the vegetables were not a letdown either, they were all very satisfying. Hmm, though a tad oily because of not resting then on paper towl but put right onto the plate to ensure freshness i guess.
so, all and all, we had a fun time out, we even bought a piper's pie and cake from cedele bakery since the donuts were not available. These are for or supper to keep us awake so that we can countdwn for the New Year! Oh, it's year 2007 already! Happy New Year to all! Wish u'll a peaceful and succesful year ahead! And to all my loved ones,jus wanna add' i love u '!

p.s can't download the photos in! my com is lagging, argh!stupid com, will try until i can!check for more updates, and comment please?thanks!


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