Rendezvous Straits Cafe

its the eve of the eve of x'mas today! and we had already gone for pre x'mas buffet twice oredi!including today of course! we went straits cafe at rendezvous hotel today. i think it was pretty worth it and i ate alot too, and enjoy myself too.
well. we were the first on the booking list somemmore, so kiasu right?yah..we always like that de..i was so hungry when we reach there, i had 2 bowls of soba noodles and tofu immediately. then proceed to gobble more food,hehe..i'm kinda piggy like when i eat at buffets so embarrassing you know.haha, all the waitresses must be thinking," this skinny girl can really eat hor.." haha..well, i love to eat mah..some dishes i recommend will be the durian cake( i had 4 slices or more, i can't remember), laksa, stewed prawns, baked pear dessert, all their cookies, mango and orange cake, orange honey cake, green tea mousse cake and hot dishes like the seafood with spinach etc..i tried cous cous for the first time too and its a spicy version..okay lah..we eat all the way till 2.30 when it closes..
for your info, ocbc members entitle to 15% off too, we heard a table saying else we may not even know!thanks~


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