2 yummy soups

Remember the soup I told you about?it was very delicious and the beans were so soft..Mmm..i’m gonna ask mama to cook again! I know it’s not very clear in the picture but you can see how it actually looks like after it is cooked, they become white, no spots of red anymore. The recipe is easy:
1/2 a chicken, peel the skins off
10 pods of beans
A handful of red dates
A few slices of ginger
½ a pot of boiling water
A tablespoon of soy sauce

1. Boil the water with the ginger slices.
2. Add in all the other ingredients and let it boil for about ½ an hour.
3. finally, add the soy sauce to taste.
4. put the soup in a thermal cooker if you have, to ensure the hotness and allow the ingredients to soften further.
That is really easy right? Another dish I tried that day was a dessert I invented. Also very yummy. I added many ingredients and they actually mixed together very well, sooo yeh !
Chapalang’ sweet soup

A handful of red dates
Some barley
Some green beans
2 indonesian sweet potatoes, cut up into small pieces and steamed soft
White mu-er
30 Gingko nuts
Some lian zi
½ pot of water
100g of rock sugar
A bunch of pandan leaves
1. Boil the water then add in the red dates, barley, green beans, mu-er, lian zi, gingko nuts.
2. Let it boil for about 45 minutes, until the barley and green beans look soft.
3. then add in the pandan leaves, rock sugar and cooked sweet potatoes and let it boil.
4. Serve when hot or put it in a thermal cooker to enjoy the dessert slowly.
You noticed the ingredients quantity is quite vague, yes, it is up to your liking how much you want for some ingredients. Try it and you will love the combination of them all! Enjoy!


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