Failed Cooking

i'm so sadd...
i tried to do some cooking last sunday, but i think it was pretty bad, my stir fry vege turned out so soggy and salty..i wanted to fry ice-ream but the flour wont stick at all and the icecream melted immediately in the hot oil and soon it was 'chao tah'
only my sandwiches turn out okay, as my sis complimented:), i think i should just remain at doing toasts, fried egg and steaming stuffs..maybe i can open a sandwich cafe next time, and i can think of innovative sandwiches!yess!
i did a simple menu too, but its only for the day.may change it now and then..
cannot really see the words, but arent they colourful?*clapp clapp*
< my exams are coming..but hope to update about food if i can..


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