Second Week of Fun and Food in Shanghai ( 20th-26th May 2013)

It was a really packed and fulfilling week.

First week of work without meeting my aunt after was a tough start. Met JJ for dinner at a simple cantonese restaurant serving 粤菜 at Zhongshan Station. Not that satisfactory so i wouldn't spend too much time elaborating it. 

Met Raymond, Jian Wei, Melissa and Ping Lynn for the first time on Tuesday and we had wanted to eat at the popular 新白鹿餐厅 but the 2-hour queue really turned us off. 

We were hungry and it was running late, so we decided to eat at Saizeriya @ 353 Plaza instead. The food there was so cheap, Raymond and i each had 2 main courses while we also shared a bottle of red wine. The food wasn't fantastic, and their portions were also pretty small. We were really full after the cheap dinner and it was already running late so i had to leave first. Gave them the VIP card to enter R&B Readers Choice Award on Thursday to support me at Cuvve!

Our really cheap red wine!

Mushroom Aglio Olio

German Sausages

Met them on Thursday for a short while and they went on to eat at 新白鹿!The event was quite a success with great turnout and an enthusiastic bunch of crowd. The drinks were alright but we did not manage to drink much since we were so busy. We wrapped up at about half past 10 and Daphne and i went home by cab. 

On Friday, the group of us met at Blue Mountain Youth Hostel where Jimmy, Mel and PL are staying at. We were told that the receptionist wanted to bring them to a nice place to chill. 

A club off Beijing East Road, located near The Bund but not the best of the best. In China, only if you go with caucasians will you get free entry and drinks but Muse did not have to pay entry. The moment you exit from the lift was the club itself. We just sat at the bar and ordered drinks. They were not cheap, i spent 100RMB on a cocktail ( Jack Rose ) and a Corona. The dance floor was filled with just the chinese prostitutes waiting to be picked up, it was really scary. The music was very techno, not something we would have liked. I left at about 2am and cabbed home on my own while the rest went for supper.

Bangkok of Shanghai, this place is filled with cheap and bargain-able clothings ready for you to burn a hole in your pocket. Only Mel and PL shopped seriously, Ray, Jimmy and i just window shopped. Jimmy eventually bought 3 shirts for 100RMB because we thought it could help Ray get his pair of trousers at a cheaper price, but when Ray decided not to buy coz it was not something he liked, the lady began to become very pushy and started to shout at us and blamed us, even called us 神经病! But overall the shops are rather similar but the variety is good. You can spend the whole day here shopping because there are several buildings of the similar concept.


绿茶饼 (So good!!!) 
Dinner was at West Nanjing's famous restaurant. You will not get a table immediately because the queue is always horrendously long. Especially on a weekend. Luckily we had 6 of us which means we needed a large table, and there were much less people who comes in more than 6. We didn't have to wait that long, and thank goodness else we will be stuck outside listening to the irritating recorded voice to inform people that their turn is up. Since the rest have been here except Ray, JJ and i, we let them decide which to order. The famous 红烧肉 was a must, we even had a second serving!!! We really have a voluptuous appetite. Even though the girls were not as hungry, we still ordered quite a lot of food and the meat was really delicious! The fatty parts were juicy and oh...SO FAT! But we love it, there was this cauliflower dish that everyone seemed to love as well. Our meal was accompanied with watermelon juice, PL's fav! My favourite dish was the yam pancake it was really gorgeous!!!

糖醋鸡 <3 td="">
Overnight karaoke can be so fun~ i am surprised i did not fall asleep but stayed up throughout with vigor!! Maybe because i was too engrossed in the songs, Ray was dozing off halfway. For 198RMB, 6 of us could sing from 11pm to 6am, although drinks was at our own expenses. It was still better than having the light snacks which we don't need and might not like. The sound system was pretty new and easy to adjust, with cool sound effects and light adjustments to play around with at different points of a song. Located near People's Square, the saturday night crowd was not surprising. I will definitely be back again!

Will be back with more exciting places and yummy food to share!!!


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