1st Week With Bren In Shanghai

There's so much nice food here!!! I've yet to explore everything but they're some i think that's really worth sharing with you all out there!!!

1. 小肥羊麻辣火锅
Located just along Yan'an Road where i am staying. Had this on my first dinner here in Shanghai with my aunt. We shared a dual-sided hotpot ( Mala + Ginseng mushroom soup). The mala here is really spicy!! You can literally see all the dried chilli, chilli oil and other spices floating at the top. The mushroom side was good too! They're both tasty and great for our lamb slices which we ordered an extra portion on top of the set, as well as another plate of black pork slices, a 火锅面,炸油条,和蔬菜拼盘。All these adds to about RMB 170. Really too cheap for a carnivourous dinner like this!

p.s We actually had it again 1 week later.. You can imagine how much we love it.

2. 北东人
Also had this for lunch on my first day here. We ordered a pot of 酸菜猪肉锅和两碟鲁猪脚,and ate them with rice. They're pretty tasty as well and we had a lot of chilli to go with them, and we especially love the fried dough dipped in the spicy hot mala, slightly crispy and soft at the same time. Oomph!

3. Dakota
Brunch with other NSC interns as well as 2 NSC staffs who helped us all to get here, and arranged all the payment and accomodations to make sure we are being taken care of here in Shanghai. We all met there at slightly after lunch time. It was a good gathering as we chat over nice western food. I had the Croque Madame and the Salted Caramel Molten Lava Cake which was heavenly. Morgan, my room mate had her favourite Chicken waffle which was my first time seeing it on a brunch menu actually. I would definitely give it a try some time.

4. KTV @ Hao Lai De
Went to sing with my aunt on Saturday night as a farewell for my aunt as she's leaving the next day. We had lots of fun coz we ordered so much food! Per room cost us RMB260 which we spent on food and drinks! It was worth it because the sound system was fantastic and is one of its kind, i've never seen such well equipped KTV before! I must come back again!

5. 南详小笼包
Located at a corner in the midst of YuYuan, it was not difficult to notice this unappealing exterior restaurant. The takeaway queue was longer than those wanting to dine -in. The takeaway is so much cheaper and you get the same standard, people don't mind waiting. We chose to sit upstairs and sip on some tea with our chinese brunch. We ordered their specialty, 汤包。 The skin was a little hard but the soup was really delicious! We had xiao long bao as well and they are surprisingly better than the tang bao i find. The skin was thin and filled with juicy meat filling. The custard bun was in a form of a pig and the fried smelly bean curd was good with their specialty sauce!

Look out for more exciting updates in 2nd Week With Bren In Shanghai!   


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