Once again.. I have been missing in action for a couple of months. I learnt a phrase yesterday, ' It ain't over till the fat lady sings'. It has finally dawned on me that this idiom indeed exist. The feeling of getting over all the exams especially when you feel that your hard work might have done a little more help than just luck alone. Examinations isn't everything, be yourself and just follow your call. The recent NUS incidents have indeed sent a timely reminder to students like some of us out there who are struggling with were struggling in preparation of the exams. It is not an easy feat, time management for revision as well as the actual exam itself was a challenge we all have to face during this crucial period. Nevertheless, i wish all of us the very best! To those that still have more to go, push yourself hard but always remember, we can only do this much, as long as we tried our best, there will be no regrets. And for those who are done with your exams, go ahead to play and enjoy the well-deserved break! Try out something new, and make your holidays worthwhile!

I have already planned my schedule for the next few days, deciding who to meet and what food i should catch up on before i leave Singapore for the next 3 months ( without being able to bring with me the delicious array of local delicacies).

First stop today will be IPPUDO!!!

It was my first time at Mandarin Gallery @Orchard. ( Please don't ask me why, i know i've missed out on all the best food in town ). The moment i walked into the mall, i really felt like i was going for a tour in an art gallery. One glance around could proved immediately why i hasn't stepped in there for my whole life. The classy, slightly dim-lit mall can make a commoner like me feel like a princess just for a day. There is restaurants at every level. one will be spoilt for choices if he or she was there for the first time like me. Food for the king, those are the type of cuisines and the ambience of the restaurants in Mandarin Gallery.

We were lucky to be there before the dinner crowd start to arrive. Tactfully arriving at 5pm, we were settled down within seconds and queue started to form upon making our orders. The menu was easy to read and made me spoilt for choices. I ended up ordering the 'Spicy Black' deemed as the seasonal dish in Ippudo. We are also able to select the texture of our noodles ( Soft, Medium, Hard, Extra Hard ). I am quite curious how the extra hard would taste like though, maybe i will give it a try in my next visit!
I regretted not ordering the side dishes and the ramen egg which my friend claimed is the best amongst many outlets.

Our food came shortly and we dug into the aromatic miso soup based ramen. L ordered the normal spicy ramen while C ordered the miso soup non-spicy ramen. I like it because the soup base was really very delicious, not too oily and you can immediately taste they amount of pork bones and duration to churn out the soup base. Char siew were soft and not too fatty. Even the fats make it taste even better! I would prefer if they can top it with more parsley and vegetables to add a little more variety to the ramen. But then again this is up to customer's preference as some would like it more plain so that they can enjoy the authenticity of the ramen. White sesame, black, white and red peppers were free for us to condiment our ramen.

Overall, the service was prompt and the finished bowls were cleared quickly. There was little interaction though but we can totally understand given the situation with the queue of hungry diners being more than those inside the restaurant.

Price is reasonable, ranging from $15 - $28 for a bowl of ramen depending on the type of soup base and the toppings. Given its brand and location, together with standard of the ramen, it is definitely worth a try if you haven't been here! Ramen chains are sprouting up all around the island, but this is one place you will not want to miss especially if you are shopping in town!! Located between Somerset Station and Orchard Road, it is easy to find and you might just want to linger here longer than you had expected. ( Like we did! )

p.s Check out the resting area at every level! Really cool too!!!


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