When i was mugging for A levels..i had to go round finding places to study as i couldn't study at home..airport is my favourite as its the less likely place you'll see anyone you know and T3 can be quite a peaceful place to study at. Since my aunt had to accompany me on most days, we'll usually find a spot where we can also have our meals without going elsewhere.

At first we frequent Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf which became more and more crowded with muggers..hence we decided to change a venue and ended up at TCC.(the coffee connoisseur). There are two outlets at T3 arrival hall but we only go to the one at the basement as it is bigger and have a nice ambience. We began to love the food there and spend most of our studying days day. Except sometimes they will chase us away at around 4pm which is quite sickening as we spend most a lot on food and drinks there while some people simply buy a drink and sit throughout. Nevertheless, we made friends with the waitress and waiters who were nice and friendly. Always heeding upon our request( more pinenuts! and toast longer pleasseeee

Now i'll share some of the sumptuous array of food i've eaten at TCC thus far.It's not all but some of my favourites and worthy of comment=)

After viewing the photos..i think u'll realise that their food have nice looks too right?haha

Before and After!!

(choc cake. ooozzzing out!)

choco nana!!niceee n chocolaty!

mushroom n asparagus spaghetti..healthy choice

some wriggly worm drink.haha

lychee tea blend!

mama's fav spicy hot wings wif hot hot chilli sauce!!xtra pls!

nachos wif cheese n salsa...

apple pancake!

fav salad..warm asparagus salad

shrooms biTe!!yummilicious!

favourite b'fast set!

chix mex pizza!

cookies n cream...


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