ShareTea Adventure

I've never drank so much share tea in my life.

The cash vouchers given during my Orientation Week almost killed me. LITERALLY. I didn't know why i ended up with ~$300 worth of the ShareTea Vouchers. You must be thinking why i didn't sell it right? I was too smart, thinking i could finish them despite the expiry date being 2 weeks away.

There are quite a few outlets by now. When i first drank it, it was at the Wisma's outlet and i tried the Yam Ice Blended with Pudding which was indeed a refreshing drink, great for a hot afternoon dessert. The pudding used is smooth and curdly and i think they made it themselves. Unlike some bubble tea outlets which uses the packaged caramel pudding sold off the shelves in supermarkets.

Some recommendations from ShareTea...

1) Milk Tea with Pudding. This is quite normal but you may find the milk tea a bit bland. The person who takes your order will warn you that it will taste bland if you order any sugar level below 80%. If you ask me, i will advise you to drink the assorted of unique flavours not available at Koi. Because i feel that Koi has the best milk tea thus far (:

2) Strawberry Smoothie with Lychee Nata De Coco. This cooling drink is under the ice-blended series which i find is the most worthwhile trying from ShareTea. Lychee De Coco and tangy and juicy, eaten with the sweet yet slightly sour smoothie, you won't get tired of it.

3) Four Happiness Mango Smoothie. I forgot to ask what are the 4 surprises i'm going to expect from the drink when i ordered it because i decided on the spot that i wanted to try that. At $5.70 for the ice-blended series, it might be a bit steep considering it's just syrup blended with ice. But well, the good thing about this smoothie is that it really is solid. There is jelly, red bean, pearls and cream on top of the smoothie. It's like a dessert on it's own! Most importantly is, you can't find this elsewhere.

4) Lime Green Tea with Yakult. Another quirky drink for hot weathers. Yakult mixed with green tea and lime sounds so healthy! I was tempted to try if it tastes nice. Wondering how can such a healthy drink even taste good. But it didn't disappoint me. In fact it's really thick with yakult. But i recommend those who wants to try this to get at least 80% of sugar level because i predict it will be quite 'siap' ( for those who don't understand dialect, it means a dry after-taste on the tongue). Good for ladies who wants a detox and non-fattening bubble tea!

5) This is Taro Milk Tea. I suppose it is quite normal but the powder used at ShareTea does not taste weird at all! Over there, you do not have to add any money for additional pearls into your drinks. YAY! This looks like the Yam Ice Blended with Pudding i was talking about above, but it's just not blended only. For the non-yam fans, you might want to give it a try as it's unlike the ordinary yam you're used to. Enjoy!:)


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