An impromptu trip to The Poulet

Sundays are usually packed everywhere, and it's tough to find a place to eat without having to queue. We're lucky that around 12 at Bugis+, we still could find a nice table at this Little Restaurant at Level 3 amidst all the other eating outlets. I was there with my aunt and grandma as usual and my aunt suggested that we could try the food there because she's always seen a queue whenever she was there. So without much hesitation, we were ushered to a table near the chef's corner. A rather cosy table I feel.. We ordered their specialty dish - Whole Rotisserie Roasted Chicken in creamed mushroom sauce, Salad ( greens with pine nuts, olives, dried cranberry), Saucisson, Gratin of potato and sweet corn and French fries.

I'm most satisfied with the gratin although its just a side dish. We like it as it was fresh from the oven, and the sauce was not too cheesy together with the crunch of the sweet corn, it's fantastic. Their French fries was good too! It comes in a metal bowl which I'm very surprised by the portion. The fries remained crispy towards the end of our meal. The chicken was moist and the breast meat was also not too dry and hard to eat. For a ribs and wing lover, even when I ate the breast meat dapped with some of the cream sauce, it was enjoyable.

Too bad we were not in a mood for desserts else we would have tired the tiramisu in a glass jar. It looks pretty decent. Well, maybe the next time if I'm craving for roasted chic.

Our Gratin of potato and corn ( side dish only!!!)

FRIES <3 nbsp="">

Rotisserie ( Whole ), with creamed mushroom sauce

The salad which i can make on my own toooooo


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