Sunday Specials - BLOC and NOM NOM

Working at City Weekend exposed me to reading the magazine and discovering new eateries here in Shanghai. Foodie like me gets elated over food and eating is one of the must dos in Shanghai. Since i will only be here for such a limited time, there is a need to explore as many places as possible.

So last sunday, i made up my mind to make a trip to NomNom. I have read a couple of articles on it and the description always look so good! Decided to have a taste of it first hand! I was so happy to find out that there is one near my apartment and walked there after a heavy brunch at BLOC.

Located at a small corner of Metrobank Plaza, i almost thought it was close since the entrance to the office building was closed too. Had to enter through Starbucks. The little cosy cafe was welcoming with an open concept kitchen, allowing for diners to look at the Patisser baking cookies and waffles. The whift of freshly baked cookies tempted me to have a try of everything. But the price was a bit stee, so i asked the guy who attended to me what he will recommend for a first timer at the cafe. He gave me some samples of their sorbet which was soooooo good too! I am definitely getting them on my next visit but i had already made up my mind to try the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich which appeared on all the magazines i saw. Took the dark chocolate cookie with Mint Choc ice cream sandwiched in between ( 35RMB). He went in to take out my order which was in a frozen packed sealed plastic bag. Though a little dismayed by that ( thought it was freshly made upon order), i was eventually having a satisfied time savoring the lovely dessert. The cookie was the chewy soft kind but since it was frozen, i had a hard time eating in the beginning, some defrosting was needed to eat the cookie and ice cream together. Almost impossible to have them together though, it was pretty huge. The ice cream was solid and did not melt much even after 30mins of nomming it :D I will be back for their cookies ( a pack of 5 for 40RMB).

Ice Cream Sandwich Cookie ( 35 RMB)
Earlier in the day, i had brunch at BLOC. Wanted to go there with somebody but in the end i went alone. Met Elaine there by coincidence after figuring out my way there by foot from West Nanjing. Took about 45minutes to reach there, what made it worse was the really humid sunny weather. BLOC is located within the alley of Changle Road on the 2nd and 3rd floor of No.139. Elaine was with her friend but kindly asked me to join them. So i did and we ordered 5 sets to share! 

I had a Mac N Cheese appetiser, Salmon pasta and their supposedly famous Egg Benedict and finally the White Chocolate Creme Brulee. The Mac N Cheese was a disappointment. It was tasteless and not baked hot enough so i could not finish it and one would get sick of it after 2-3 bites. 

The main course arrived shortly, my pasta was delicious. The portion was reasonable for one and they have some smoked salmon on top of cooked salmon stirred well in the pasta. I could not finish it because i needed to leave some room for my Egg Benedict. I am glad the bread remained crispy and the poached egg yolk was runny and goes well with the toasted bread. 

Elaine and Alfred ( her friend) ordered other dishes. I felt the Tuna Melt sandwich was decent too. It came with hashbrowns and some pickles. I had some of it because Elaine did not eat much. And Alfred had the steak which he claimed was good too ( another 20rmb top up ). The last main course was the strawberry apple sweet crepe which was amazing, the diced apple was not too sweet and the crepe was tasty too, there is a balance of egg, flour . No wonder it was equivalent to a main course. 

For desserts, we had the same, white chocolate creme brulee, which was great. The light caramelized on the creme brulee was heaven. I wished i could have more of the desserts though, it always make me feel so happy! 
White Chocolate Creme Brulee
Nom Nom Dessert Bar
First Floor, Metrobank Plaza, 1160 Yanan Xi Lu
Near Panyu Lu, Changning district

99号 Yandang Rd, Luwan, Shanghai, China, 200020


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