Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant

Authentic Sichuan cuisine with a view- Si Chuan Dou Hua restaurant is located at the one of the most prominent building in the CBD. On the 60th story, this chinese restaurant is a place you want to spend an evening with your business partners or a casual dim sum lunch. 

This restaurant has been around for a long time and I cannot believe this is my first time dining here. Having read so much about it before, my expectations and excitement to have a taste of the food there was beyond expressions. 

We were welcomed with warm greetings by the smartly dressed waiters to our table. I tried to reserve for a table near the glass windows but they declined my request saying it is for four diners and above. A chinese lady in cheongsum poured tea for us promptly upon settling down. At $6.50 per pax, you get to experience traditional tea pouring and unlimited flow of hot long jin tea. 

Our table although not beside the windows, was near enough. :) 

For the food, we ordered an appetizer of mouthwatering chicken 重庆口水鸡, wild mushrooms with waxed sausage in clay pot 干锅菌子, five grained fried rice in hotpot 五谷炒饭, deep fried soon hock in soy sauce, and finally after all these were cleared, sliced pork with minced garlic 蒜泥白肉 which they recommended and I thought was remarkably good! 

I like the chicken as it was chilled and refreshing. Slightly towards the salty side, the sauce would be great with plain rice which only came after we were done with it. Vinegar and loaded with chilli oil, no wonder the chicken is so tender right through. Wish there were crunchy peanuts added inside like the Hong Kong style salivating chicken. The best of this dish I had was at a private dining restaurant called Xi Yan at Craig Road. 

We wanted steamed red tilapia but they claimed it was not fresh. So we decided to have this in the end. The soon hock is not huge but it's well fried to crisp. I like fish cooked this way as you can bite though the thin bones like a cracker. The flesh is really chewy so the fish was indeed fresh. 

We always enjoyed our rice in hotpot as it maintains the heat of the rice. A similar dish to the ones at some Crystal Jade restaurants, we could whiff the burnt smell of the rice from the kitchen. This was delicious as the rice was cooked very thoroughly and the corns and carrot bits make it a healthy yet filling dish. 

Mushrooms are really wild in this claypot. Comes in various shapes and sizes, some of which I have never eaten before. 
Lapcheong and lots of sliced garlic complemented the mushrooms very nicely. A touch of spice was added with the dried chillis and parsley. This also goes well with plain rice which we shared one finally. 

Last but not least, to really satisfy our tummies, we had a finale - Sliced pork with spicy minced garlic sauce. We did not expect this to be so spicy but by far it was! Grandma said the pork was sliced using a grinder to create ultimate thethinness. The pork is then smothered with the spicy garlic sauce and sprinkled with spring onions, making it a not too heavy meat dish. This is quite common in many restaurants but I had just tasted the best. 

Final picture before we leave, a view from the restaurant.

There is 15% discount for UOB card holders which makes it even more worth the meal. I will be back for the dim sum soon...

Si Chuan Dou Hua 
#60-01, 80 Raffles Place
UOB Plaza Tower 1
Reservations: 6535 6006


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