Tonkutsu Kazan

Love affair with Kazan Ramen...

Our Kazan Karamiso ($18 for normal sized; $15 for small) comes with a small bowl of white rice to be eaten after the noodles is finished. Add in the white rice, stir and tada, miso porridge is ready for consumption!

Soup is poured in and closed for a minute before you mix in the spicy minced pork miso sauce.

The hot stone retains the heat within the ramen such that it lasts through to the last drop of soup. For people who loves their food piping hot, you will enjoy this tremendously. And, I'm always a fan. 

The hot stone fried chicken curry rice is beyond expectations. Look at the bubbling curry gravy that surrounds the grains of rice and topped with three tender chunks of fried chicken. For $11, I totally feel that it's a steal! 

Also, the kimchi with pork on rice is the other hot stone rice dishes served here. I feel that it's a little lacking in flavour because the kimchi sauce was quite little and there isn't any additional gojujang. For those who is craving for some korean taste. 

Tried their side dishes such as gyoza and chicken karage too! You can actually get them along with non hot stone ramen if you prefer something less heated. They come in affordable set meals. Knowing that few customers would actually go for these type of ramens if they actually want to eat here. 

An overview of our lunch at one of those visits...

On top of all these goodness, they have the usual free hard boiled eggs to add into your ramen or simply having it on its own.

Located at the entrance of Liang Court, opposite Starbucks, it won't be hard to find. Although this is only one of the many Japanese restaurants in Liang Court, it's hot stone dishes will easily steal the hearts of customers who love their food hot hot hot, that's very hot ~~~


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