There are quite a few rooftop bars in Singapore today. Empire, Cook and Brew and Equinox, just to name a few. But my latest find, which has been around for a while, is LeVel33 located on the 33rd story at Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1. 

Only one lift goes up to the restaurant and lounge and you have to take it from Tower 1 of MBFC. This exclusive lift does not have any buttons as it only goes between level 1 and level 33. As you emerge from the lift, the counter stuff will guide you to a table. Indoors or outdoors that's perfectly up to you. Of course if you prefer al fresco, outdoors has the perfect view for a romantic date for two or catch up with your friends. As you know Singapore is say too hot, the indoor seating is much preferred in the day time. 

Their bar snacks are much to die for! Check out their croque monsier bites. I will order this whenever I have a chance because how good it is varies from place to place and at LeVel33, they had surely master the art. Ham and cheese sandwiches between thinly sliced sourdough bread and dipped in bread crumbs before frying it... Sinful but yet worth the calories. Their fries are really FAT CUT FRIES indeed. No joke. (See below) I know it looks more like wedges.. However, for those who like your potatoes in big chunks, here you go. It's slightly salty but very aroma for a fries dish (other than truffle fries or garlic fries). Soft on the inside, and slightly chewy at the edges, a perfect match with some tomato sauce at the side. 

If you're here for a night view... this is probably what you'd expect. Wouldn't it be nice to be here to watch the fireworks id there's one? As you should observe, the minion glasses of beers of different colours are actually their beer sampler. It comes in five different types of their craft beers. There's stout and blonde, just to name a few. It's nice if you can't decide what to get because of the numerous choices on their menu. I like the blonde :) 

If you decide to order by pints....

Coming to the dinner menu.. I would say their choices aren't splendid and I see most popular dishes had beef inside which I can't take so.. We had the Pig and Snail. Omg I dont mean to offend but they really brought pig to my table :) chewy pulled pork was shaped in a cylinder and topped with fresh, chewy escargot. I love unique dishes like this and when it's done with a wow factor, brings a smile to my face. 

A comparison of the al fresco scenery for your reference... I like both the way it is. When there's no haze of course... :/ whether it's a casual lunch or dinner gathering with friends or after work drinks. LeVel33 has everything to offer. And that's why I would go back again and again... 

Sorry for the diversion... Moving back to food! Because we saw the waitress serving other tables some other bites, we got tempted to order more! We are such great customers to have uh! 

And so we decided to get mushroom tempuras and baby ribs. Ordering the mushroom dish was the best choice of the visit.. I believe they use the umbrella like wild mushrooms and sliced it before deep frying them. The portion was generous and I was even afraid one of the tempura might topple off as they serve. Juicy mushrooms coated with light and crispy flour made my day. 

The ribs weren't bad either although they probably had more bones than meat itself. But the ribs were very well marinated with sweet and slightly spicy yet not too overpowering. Nicely treated indeed. Some peppers at the side to make you feel less guilty for all the meat you're consuming hehe..

Another pork dish because we are such pigs :) 
The Mangalica Pork which is char grilled pork marinated pale ale with pea tapenade which is purée like. The pork was mega tender! It melts in your mouth every bite you take... No regrets having a porky feast that night.. 

Last but not least, from the sides menu drumroll ~~~ Spuds! It's russel potatos with beer malt salt, beer mustard and shaved Machego which I think it's the purple colored topping on the roasted potatos. This is so filling though.. I was full shortly after eating 3-4 pieces. 

Overall, the food here are pretty delicious I must say and ample selections of drinks for the working crowd. Located at MBFC, there's always a reason to go.. EHEM Executives.


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