Experiment at The Lab

Finding something healthy yet tasty isn't quite an easy task. But since I had a special request from a friend, I decided to be a little adventurous and explored the streets of Haji Lane for one place which qualifies this. 

The Lab SG is open by a humbled Muslim family and situated in Jalan Pisang. Right in the midst of many reputable cafes like Artistry and Symmetry, you might easily give this gem a miss. 

The name of the cafe speaks for itself. Expect what you would see in a laboratory- cylinders and jars. But of course, these containers are filled with food and not chemicals. 

Pressed fruit juices are one of the specialties at The Lab. At 5 bucks, you can choose three different ingredients to go into your mixed juice. I got the ginger, carrot and beetroot which turned out refreshing and slightly spicy and sweet at the same time. 

As for the food, be prepared to spoil yourself with the array of selections, from burgers to pastas to interesting starters, 

We only took one photo since the food came at one go. The pesto pasta which my friend had ($16) was splendid. Cooked with generous proportion of pesto and garlic, the prawn linguine pretty much bought my friend over. It was so easy to eat as the pasta was cooked to the right texture. 

My shrooms peanut burger ($13) which is meant to be their second best (because their best which is called Helsinki burger is beef and I can't take it) was somewhat disappointing because there was no kick. The peanut gravy was chunky but a tad dry whilst the shrooms could do with more flavours and finally, the sesame seeded bun was too airy and not bread like at all. Sadly, the accompanied sweet potato fries is cold and soggy. BWB has better sweet potato fries anytime. 

The buffalo wings, however, saved the day. Served with tartar sauce, the wings tasted just as good on its own. Each of us had a good portion of 3 wings each. Cooked to slightly charred on the edges, it was a combination of mild spiciness and sweetness at the same time - thumbs up! 

The Lab is pretty good at making its customers make a come back for more since it has an exciting menu and cosy and casual seating area for all ages.


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