Hakata Ikkousha Ramen

The best is yet to be.. There are so many ramen places opening up each month and one gets better than the other. It is hard to catch up with this craze man. 

And so I decided to start with the household brands first. These restaurateurs have been around for the longest time. 

Here's a shot for two. Pretty good deal right? There's spicy one which is the renowned GodFire and the other is the Tonkotsu Black which is flavoured with plenty of garlic. For the sides that comes with the set, we had a gyoza and karaage for sharing. 

The rich soup stock together with the springy and chewy noodles were to die for. We decided to choose the normal soup flavour and noodle texture so that we get to try the origanality of the ramen before we decide to go light or heavier the next time round. We added extra toppings for the Tonkotsu Black which came with three huge slices of pork and and an ajitama egg which came was not runny enough. The spring onions topping the soup gave it some healthy boost. Although, I would prefer if the soups were hotter. Not sure if it was because we went towards the closing hours. 

Aside, the sides were delicious as well. Usually, when it is not their specialty, some restaurants would not put too much focus to perfecting the food but Ikkoushu Ramen is different. And of course the free flow of egg with mayo and vinegar is a must have, regardless the extra ajitama egg in your ramen or not. 

I'd be back, but maybe not so soon. 

The other outlet at Tanjong Pagar Plaza is a hot spot for lunch time crowds. 


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