Cake Spade Has Moved!

I've been a fan of Cake Spade's desserts for the longest time. It's my promise to visit the shop whenever I'm at Tanjong Pagar except on Sundays when it's closed. 

It used to be located at Orchid Hotel beside Two Blur Boys (burger joint) and where several ramen bars reside. That used-to-be spot was tiny and could only accommodate two couples outside the shop. But the variety of desserts on the menu greatly exceeds what you see from the outside. The shelf displays their famous cakes, brownies and cupcakes but what's going on inside the kitchen is something you have to dine in to find out.

My dream finally came true because it's decided to move into a bigger unit not too far away from the old unit. Just walk past the boutiques of wedding gowns and you will be on your way to any girl's dream dessert shop. 

I found myself having to wait for a table despite them having expanded almost five times! But I was happy to wait :) 

After getting a table, it's time to order! Life just became difficult when it comes to deciding what to order here at Cake Spade. The splendid array of cakes displayed were too tempting. But the warm desserts caught my heart first and I went for the Nutella Banana Bread and Butter Pudding. Also, the cakeshakes could not run away, Mudslide it is. 


The bread and butter pudding had the choice of salted caramel ice cream (+30cents), who can resist?! I wished they were more generous with the Nutella but overall, the ice cream saved the day! 

The Mudslide is indeed photogenic. But that's not all, the combination of chocolate brownie, sweet cream, roasted marshmallow, caramelised popcorn, digestive biscuit and thick chocolate milkshake is worth your every calorie. I strongly recommend this for sharing just so you can continue to enjoy other desserts. 

The $3.80 Arizona lemon flavored iced tea comes in three other flavours and was a good thirst quencher. Although I think a pot of tea would go well with our sweet treats too!  

I'm glad they finally enlarged their space to cater to the demand and I hope they'd continue to come up with new items on their menu. Will be back soooooon! 


Cake Spade 
83 Tanjong Pagar Road 


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