Flag Day+Crystal Jade Jian Nan

What a saturday, i've never been so busy,haha..not very true though I did flag day for the riding of the disabled association of Singapore, got quite a good response from Singaporeans,haa..people at waterloo street are quite charitable. Managed to finish all the stickers by 1hr 30 mins, impressive? Yes, that’s what the volunteers say when I returned the heavy container. I’m so proud with myself, did a good deed..
After all the sun-tanning, me and nat enjoyed some fries and coke at Mcdonalds..
Time to meet gugu and mama lor, we went temple 1st and then I returned my container before heading to takashimaya for our lunch. Gugu had booked a table at Crystal Jade Jiang Nan earlier so we don’t have to be disappointed if it’s full. We had a table at the corner and we sat down to order, so many choices and I was totally unsure of what to order. Anyways, ended up ordering our usual likes, such as
Seabass and eggplant in claypot, spinach with wolfberries in a special stock, and fried yee-mian with seafood, and dessert was sweetened glutinous rice with dried fruits.
doesn't this look yummy?
All turned out to be very hot and fresh, the seafood were especially good, crunchy prawns and soft, chewy fillet. The spinach was also very delicious leh..i love the dessert too, hard to find such dessert in a Chinese restaurant, I think its very unique..not very sweet..washed them down with soumei tea…we went to shop around later, bought new year goodies and a puma shirt!thanks gugu!luvya!
p.s i love pineapple tarts from Yi Kou Wei, even the cheese one is good fleshy..tried about 4 pieces fresh from oven!hehe..


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