Mong Hing Restaurant

yippee!my common tests are over, i studied soo hard for them( i think?), hope my results will be okay..stress over,time to relax a bit.. not going to read my books yet!
enough of myself, let's come back to food, well..Family dinner with my other relatives was at Mong Hing Restaurant last sunday night..I saw my friend there too, busy studying physics,haha..the place was fully booked, and there are still people waiting,business very good lor..luckily we booked earlier, so had two comfortable tables near the counter.
Sanshu was the person who ordered. Gugu say never mind, let him order what he likes, so i got no say! the prices look okay but twice of everything, the cost will turn out to be steep anyway..its for 14 pax you know, and we are all big eaters, so we had 14 large sized dishes for each table, that is a lot right? and we never leave a single veg behind!
we had some of their specialty dishes such us lotus glutinous rice, braised goosemeet, sambal crayfish, yam paste with gingko nuts( my favourite),hehe..and of course not to forget the 'Fa Cai' Yusheng on a festive occasion,right? all the dishes were great EXCEPT their vegetables which i have long awaited for somemore, they are too salty seriously, i don't know if it is because of the 'ti bou'(deep fried dries salty fish' or too much salt, but a bit of a disappointment for me lor..
i had a bit of Merlot only and i got red rashes already, how can? such a weak drinker, guess won't be allowed to drink in front of my parents anymore..:(


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