Strictly Pancakes, Strictly Good Food

I do not usually visit cafes up in the East but recently, i feel that i need to venture out of the Central and West areas to give my posts some variety. If you have been following my blog closely, The Coastal Settlement was the only one in the East which i have blogged about.

Talking about pancakes..They are thin and fluffy, made with wheat or flour, eggs, yeast-added butter and milk to create the airy yet dense texture to the pancakes.

I did not used to like it because i have this impression that it was plain and boring because of the lack of variety of fillings/ toppings that goes with them. However, as i grew up together with the blooming number of cafes around the island which serves pancakes, i began to realise what a fanciful dish one pancake can turn out to get.

Strictly Pancakes has been around for quite a few years and has been drawing a constant crowd for both the East Coast and Prinsep outlets.  However, competition of similar genres of food has been tough and definitely affected the customer base a little, BUT not the food.

More garlic butter and maple syrup on your pancakes, Sir?
I heard it is still good so i went back to try it just a couple of weeks back. Menu stretches beyond pancakes of course. Sinful as the description might sound but surely still tempting.


Garlic Butter Prawn Pancakes ($15)
Imagine creamy garlic loaded sauce with parsley surrounding fresh, crunchy prawns. Fat and fluffy pancakes that stacks atop each other to create a tower flooded with the savory sauce- perfect comfort food on a cool year-end.. I love the dense pancakes that does not give way to the prawns and sauce without you slicing through them. I think 5 prawns for the thick pancakes might be too little to feel enough satisfaction.

Sweet Potato Fries ($8)
Have some sweet potato fries together with the carbs heavy meal. At least it's naturally sweetened and feels relatively healthy as it is supposedly a power food! These golden brown strips of sweet potato definitely makes my day with its sweetness. A great snack suitable for all ages.


What A Spread! ($13)
To say this is not my league is so hard because anything with Peanut Butter or Nutella just drives me up the wall. Kinder Bueno chocolates with vanilla ice cream and vanilla sauce as a finishing touch to Nutella-filled peanut butter pancakes. To be frank, there was an overload of pancakes for this one because of the overdose of sweetness. First few mouthfuls was really delicious and the pancakes just melt away I'm your mouth but subsequently they just seemed to have difficulty going down the throat. Maybe two slices of pancakes will be just nice.

Nonetheless, i still think their casual dining sets the perfect mood for some good pancake fix for a chilling weekend.

Strictly Pancakes

44A Prinsep Street (Tel: 6333 4202)

81 Upper East Coast Road (Tel: 6448 7332)


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